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GMAT 760(V46, Q49) in 3 weeks – Sushant’s Success Story

GMAT 760(V46, Q49) in 3 weeks – Sushant’s Success Story
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Reach beyond your grasp, your goals should be grand enough to get the best of you. 

We often settle for less than what we deserve. Sushant, a 760 scorer, aimed for V44 in GMAT. Little did he know that he had the ability to score even more! His hard work, diligent behavior, and trust in mentors enabled him to score a V46. This is a commendable achievement for only the cream of the cream- the top 1% of the test takers gets there. Let’s have a look below to know more about Sushant’s journey. 

Sushant did not expect to score a V46. He found the Verbal section tough. However, according to him, his mind was trained well enough to figure out the correct answer irrespective of the difficulty level. He trusted the e-GMAT’s approaches and mentors and appeared for the exam with full confidence. When the score flashed on his screen, he couldn’t believe that he scored 760. That made him think that he might have scored Q51. However, to his surprise, it was Q49. Sushant’s score can be a huge learning for all our GMAT aspirants.  

You don’t necessarily need a Q51 for a GMAT 760. You can get there even with a Q49 and a brilliant Verbal score.        

Journey before e-GMAT 

Sushant: I scored a 700(Q50, V33) when I took GMAT way back in 2014. My SC was the strongest of all three sub-sections since my grammar is good. In CR, I was not doing well and RC was very inconsistent. My scores used to go up and down. So, I reached out to e-GMAT and explained that I am not able to pinpoint my weak areas in Verbal specially and I need to level up my performance (above average). They were kind enough to walk me through the entire platform and how to go on with the different stages of preparation. They also told me about the number of hours I should put in to reach my target score and how I should figure out my weak areas to work on them. Therefore, in full faith, I signed up for the course for a duration of one month. 

At first, I thought I could save money by not taking the course however the way e-GMAT helped me in analyzing where I am, where I want to be, and how to get there, I made that investment in the course and I have no regrets! 

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How Verbal Course helped Sushant score GMAT 760 

Sushant: After signing up, I started with the concept files first. It is one of the best things in the e-GMAT course. Concept files teach you even the smallest of things. Like how to comprehend CR arguments using the pre-thinking approach. This approach took me from 50% accuracy to 89% accuracy in CR questions. The concept files of the SC taught me objectivity. It taught me that you can break down sentences and get to the answer. I learned that SC is as objective as Quant and that you can solve the questions using a very objective and methodical approach rather than rely on your instincts, contrary to what most people perceive. In fact, if you want to score well, you must use a methodical approach. Relying on your instincts to catastrophic to scoring high on the Verbal. 

Going through all the concept files will make a lot of difference in your score. Do not skip any file and do it very diligently – Sushant 

Sushant’s experience with the Scholaranium platform 

Sushant: It was amazing! I did not over-utilize the scholaranium for practice, as suggested by mentors. Since the questions in scholaranium are very similar to that of the original GMAT, I took custom tests by mixing the questions from each section in the same proportion as it is on the GMAT. It gave me an idea of how to build stamina for the GMAT. The e-GMAT experts told me to create custom quizzes with mixed topics as that is how it will come in GMAT. Also, your mind needs to be trained similarly. Practicing a lot many questions on the same topic might not be a good step. This advice helped me a lot in my official Exam. I wasn’t tired of the Quant section after completing the verbal section in the actual exam.  

The good thing was Sushant did not over-practice in Scholaranium as suggested by mentors as well. 

Test-readiness stage to score V40+ 

Sushant: The one thing I liked about the test-readiness quizzes is the analysis part. There are factors like luck factor, rush through factors, and Timing influence. So, the platform does not only tell you about the incorrect questions but also whether you got a question correct for the right reasons. For e.g.- your answer was correct but I took excessive timing. I knew that I was rushing through a lot of questions, so that factor was the most useful. This helps you become truly test-ready by measuring your true ability and takes you a step closer to your target score. 

SIGma-X mocks v/s GMAT  

Sushant: I believe SIGma- X mocks are absolutely bang on!! I scored a Q49 five times in my mocks and GMAT as well. I also got the same score twice in my Official exam and mocks. Therefore, I believe mocks are an actual representation of the Official GMAT.  

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Sushant’s secret tip for success 

Sushant: To be honest, I was very confident that I can get to a V42-V44 as my preparation was good enough for that target score. However, I was not very comfortable on the test day since the questions were a little tough (I suppose they were according to a V46 level). However, my mind was trained well enough to figure out the correct answer in spite of the difficulty, and I also believe that there was a little bit of luck factor that played in. But they say luck favors those who work hard. So even to use your luck factor to your advantage, you need to use logic. e-GMAT helped me do that by training me well enough!! 

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