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What is the perimeter of triangle ABC? – OGQR 2020 Question #210 with Solution

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OGQR 2020: Question No. 210

What is the perimeter of triangle ABC?

  1. AB = 16 inches
  2. ΔABC is equilateral.
Source OGQR 2020
Type Data Sufficiency
Topic Geometry
Sub-Topic Triangle
Difficulty Easy


Steps 1 & 2: Understand Question and Draw Inferences

We are given:

  • A triangle ABC.

We need to find its perimeter.

  • So, we need the length of all the sides of the triangle.

As we do not have any more relevant information, let us now analyse the statements.

Step 3: Analyse Statement 1

“AB = 16 inches”

From this information, we cannot find the answer to the question as we are not given the lengths of other two sides.

Thus, statement 1 is not sufficient to answer the question.

Step 4: Analyse Statement 2

“ΔABC is equilateral.”

For an equilateral triangle, the perimeter of the triangle = 3 × Side.

  • However, we do not know the length of the side of the triangle.
  • Thus, statement 2 is not sufficient to answer the question.

Step 5: Combine Both Statements Together (If Needed)

From Statement 1:

  • AB = 16 inches

From Statement 2:

  • Area of the triangle = 3 × Side.

By using both the statements, we can find the perimeter of the triangle.

Hence, we can find the answer by combining both the statements together.

  • Thus, the correct answer choice is option C.

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