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What corrective actions can be taken to avoid warm-up issues in the mock GMAT?

In the last article, we learned how not being properly prepared to answer all kinds of questions in the exam can lead to the student using the first few questions of the test to warm-up.  We saw how this can lead to a score that reflects less than the real ability of the student.

In this article, we will see how a small measure can help.

Essentially, the principle is that one should be sufficiently warmed up to answer all kinds of questions that one will see in the test and this should be done PRIOR to taking the test.  So, for this purpose, do the following two things:

  1. One day before taking the full-length test, solve these many questions:
    • Verbal
      • SC and CR – 5 to 7 questions each.
      • RC – 2 passages

  • Quant with an equal spread of PS and DS questions
    • NP, WP, AT – 5 questions each
    • Algebra, Geometry – 5 questions each

  • Rationale – by doing the above, you are just reminding your brain about how to approach each of these types of questions. You are simply bringing what you have already learned to the forefront so that the brain is ready to take the test the next day.

2.    One day before taking the full-length test, revise your notes. This helps you clarify any small conceptual issues that you may have or any process step that you typically falter on.

With this, you have taken a very concrete step to ensure that you get the right insights regarding your ability when you invest your precious time on taking the SIGma-X mock tests.

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