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Ram scored a 730 on the GMAT – Here’s how he did it! | An e-GMAT Review

Ram scored a 730 on the GMAT – Here’s how he did it! | An e-GMAT Review
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Ram, a first-time test taker, scored 730 on the GMAT (Q49, V41) by leveraging his preparation resources the right way. He attributes his success to learning how to break down sentences to understand the meaning, following a structured approach to problem-solving that saved him time, and leveraging Scholaranium module of e-GMAT to focus his preparation on his weak areas. In this article, he explains how he achieved this feat.

He started with GMAT books but didn’t find them useful. So, he switched to e-GMAT’s online course. He followed the process and structure of the course and eventually scored a 730 on the GMAT in his first attempt.

Rajat – When did you start preparing for the GMAT and how did you go about it?how to score 730 on the gmat | gmat success stories - V41

Ram – I started preparing in June. I started with Manhattan GMAT’s Sentence Correction book. I studied from the MGMAT books in June but did not find much improvement. I wasn’t able to correctly answer SC questions on gmatclub. One of my friends suggested e-GMAT to me and I started preparing through e-GMAT.

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Rajat – How did you prepare for ‘Sentence Correction?’gmat 730 V41 success story gmat

Ram – I found the meaning-based approach to solve SC questions really helpful. I started with the ‘Master Comprehension’ module. There I learned how to break down a sentence and visualize its meaning.

Next thing I did was to avoid reading the options before completely understanding the sentence. This helped me boost my confidence and reduce time.

Previously I used to read the question, then read the options. Re-read the questions and options and this cycle continued until I was sure of the correct option, which was 60% – 70% of the time incorrect.

Now, I learned to first read and understand the question. Identify the mistakes and then read the options. As I already knew the mistakes, the process of elimination became easy. My accuracy level increased and time to answer question reduced drastically.

e-GMAT Review - GMAT 730 | V41 SC Strategy

Once I started practicing on Scholaranium, my accuracy level shot up to 90%. This really helped me perform well on exam day.

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Rajat – What about Critical Reasoning?

Ram – I considered myself strong in Critical Reasoning till I started answering CR questions on gmatclub. I was completely stumped by the questions. So, I started with the foundation concepts of the CR module. That helped me the most in understanding the premise of any CR question. I learned the process of ‘pre-thinking’. This process improved my concepts a lot. Just like SC, I trained myself to not look at the options until I understood the premise. By this time, I had started building momentum in my GMAT preparation.

Rajat – You found Reading Comprehension challenging – How did you improve it to achieve a 730 on the GMAT?

Ram – To be honest, I initially found your RC module very difficult. But the good thing was that you explained a proper process to follow in order to correctly answer RC questions. Once I learned it, answering RC passages became easy. I remember that RC passages on the actual GMAT seemed very easy and I was able to answer a passage within 3-4 minutes.

Scholaranium - boost GMAT Preparation GMAT 730

Rajat – You mentioned Scholaranium. How did you use it to your advantage?

Ram – Scholaranium really gave me that boost in my preparation that I needed once I learned the concepts. To do something successfully, I need to be in flow or momentum. Scholaranium helped me achieve this momentum which I carried with me to the test center.

The part which helped me the most was the explanation of each and every question available. The explanations were explained in a proper sequence which helped me pinpoint the flaw in my application process.

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Rajat – Your words are music to my ears. I am glad that we could help you achieve this score. So, which business schools are you planning to apply?

Ram – I am targeting the following business schools:

  • Michigan Ross
  • Tepper
  • Questrom
  • Rochester Simon
  • Michigan State
  • Vanderbilt
  • Sauder
  • Wisconsin
  • UT Dallas
  • ISB
  • Krannert
  • Olin
  • Smeal
  • WP Carey

I have already applied to 8 of them (in bold).

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