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Live Session Related Queries

  1. Where do I find the latest schedule?
    You can view the Live Sessions Calendar from here or download the batch schedule from the Downloads Page.
  2. How do I attend the Live Session? Do you send any reminders for the live sessions?
    Please view the help videos here to understand how to attend the live sessions.
    Yes, after you enroll, from the next week you shall receive two reminders before each live session- One mid-week and the other an hour prior to the sessions. These reminders DO NOT contain the links to the live sessions.If you are not receiving the reminders, please check your spam (or junk) folder and also the ‘Promotions tab’ (applicable to Gmail users).
  3. What do I need to complete before attending the Live Session?
    There are different pre-requisites for each Live Session. They have to be completed before attending the Live Session. You can find the details about the pre-requisites in the pertinent study plans. Live Sessions are aimed at teaching the application of concepts learnt by student (in the pre-requisites) by applying the concepts on GMAT like questions. Live sessions DO NOT cover the concepts. The concepts are covered in the corresponding  online part of the course (the pre-requisites).


    You can also check the pre-requisites directly from your course dashboard. For example, for the CR1 session, just click on Live Sessions (on top right corner from your dashboard) -> CR Sessions -> CR 1 -> Pre-Requisites and a separate page shall open with the details.


    You can check the homework details directly from your course dashboard. For example, for the CR1 session, just click on Live Sessions -> CR Sessions -> CR 1 -> Home work and a separate page shall open with the details.

  4. How do register for the live session or a particular batch?
    You DO NOT need to register for the live sessions batch. You can attend the sessions in any batch as long as your access is valid (six months from the date of purchase). All you need to do is follow the study plan in conjunction with your live sessions calendar and attempt the course. To know to how to access live sessions, please refer to S No. 2.
  5. How do I check my course validity?
    You can check your subscription details by clicking on “My Info” -> “Purchases” link on the top right hand corner of your dashboard (click here for screenshot).
  6. I missed few live sessions, what do I do?
    There is no need to worry. You can watch the recording of the same and catch-up with your batch. Alternatively, you can even complete the Live Sessions in a self-paced fashion by watching the recordings (please refer to S No. 11 for more details).
  7. Will missing a live session affect my score improvement guarantee?
    It won’t as long as you watch the recording of the session later.And of course if you meet ALL the other conditions.
  8. From which live session does the batch start?
    For Verbal, the Live Sessions either start with SC1 or the CR1 session.For Quant, the Live Sessions start with the Number Properties 1 session.
  9. How do I access the recordings?
    All the live session recordings are accessible from the course dashboard.Please click on ‘Live Sessions’ and then on the recording of the session you want to view. Just click on the text in green and then on ‘Launch’ (below PDF) to view the recording. Please view this video for more help.
  10. For the paid sessions, do you send the links to the live sessions or the recording links?
    Please note that we DO NOT send the links to subscription only live sessions in emails. Please view the help videos to understand how you can attend the live sessions or view the recordings.
  11. I checked my dashboard and found that the latest recording links are not updated. Why is it so?
    The latest recordings are updated in 2 business days after the live sessions. You can watch the recordings of previously conducted sessions till then. Note that content of the live sessions remains the same (irrespective of the batch).
  12. Is there any harm in watching the recordings? Are they as good as the Live Sessions?
    There is absolutely no harm in watching the recordings. They are equally useful and beneficial.

    Can I complete the course just by watching the recordings?
    Yes, though the live sessions have fixed dates, students can complete the course in a self-paced fashion by watching the recordings of the Live Sessions (previously conducted). Note that content of the live sessions remains the same (irrespective of the batch). The VLP/QLP/GLP* students get access to recordings of ALL the live sessions immediately after they enroll for the course. In fact, for each session they get access to 4 recordings (sessions conducted in different batches).
  13. What is the difference between paid and live sessions?
    You can find the complete list of the session here. Out of these the few sessions can be attended by anyone who registers for the sessions. In other words, these sessions are ‘free sessions’. These sessions are
    • SC1: How To Approach SC
    • CR2: Argument Structure and Prethinking
    • RC1: Efficient Reading and Comprehension
    • Quant Session 1: Number Properties 1
    • Define Your GMAT Strategy Session-1
    • GMAT Strategy Session-2

All the rest of the sessions here are paid sessions.


*VLP: Verbal Live Prep
QLP: Quant Live Prep
GLP: GMAT Live Prep 


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