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How to improve your GMAT score up to 770 – Our money back guarantee

Scoring high on the GMAT is essential if you want to increase your chances of securing an admit from a top business school. To help you improve your GMAT score we offer you a GMAT preparation course with a proven track record and a large user base. After all, we are the most reviewed GMAT preparation company on gmatclub.

improve GMAT score by 120 points

GMAT score improvement guarantee details

e-GMAT offers two types of courses:

  1. Online courses
  2. Live prep courses

Know the difference between the two types of GMAT prep courses

Why upgrade to Live prep course?

Our live prep courses come with up to 120-point GMAT score improvement guarantee which is applicable for both Quant and Verbal sections. So, how much score improvement are we offering for Quant and Verbal sections? Here are the details:


Verbal Guarantee

Section Name Starting score Guarantee Example
Verbal < V20 +7 Points If you have a V19, we guarantee a V26
Verbal V21 to V27 +5 points If you have a V27, we guarantee a V32
Verbal V28 to V37 +4 points If you have a V37, we guarantee a V41
Verbal V38 to V41 +3 points If you have a V41, we guarantee a V44


Quant Guarantee

Section Name Starting score Guarantee Example
Quant <Q30 +7 points If you have a Q29, we guarantee a Q36
Quant Q30 to Q40 +5 points If you have a Q40, we guarantee a Q45
Quant Q41 to Q47 +3 points If you have a Q47, we guarantee a Q50
Quant Q48 +2 points If you have a Q48, we guarantee a Q50
Quant Q49 +1 point If you have a Q49, we guarantee a Q50



GMAT score improvement – 99% success rate of our guarantee

improve GMAT score

In the last 18 months, out of 3,200 students who have enrolled in our Live prep courses, only 29 have improved less than the score that was promised as per the guarantee. In other words, more than 99% improved their GMAT score way beyond the guarantee with our average Score Improvement being 6 Points in GMAT Quant and 7 Points in GMAT Verbal.

Our terms and conditions for the GMAT score improvement guarantee

Just like any other guarantee, our GMAT score improvement guarantee comes with terms and conditions. Don’t worry, they are very simple ways to make sure you study diligently and score high on the GMAT. It creates a win-win condition for both of us.

Here are a few things that you must do to claim the guarantee.

  1. GMAT Exam: You must have appeared for the GMAT at least once within the past 12 months and must have an official score report (or an enhanced score report in case you cancel the exam). We will consider the score from your last attempt that you took before purchasing the primary e-GMAT course. This guarantee is only for re-takers (those who have already appeared for the GMAT once) and for the first attempt after purchasing the primary e-GMAT course. Note: Upgrades are not primary courses.
  2. Online Content: You must complete all the content of the course for example concept, application, Scholaranium, post-session exercises (OG Quizzes) etc. and score 80+ points on them. Note that you may retake concept, practice, application files and OG quizzes if you don’t score 80 in the first attempt. Doing so does not invalidate the guarantee.
  3. Live Session: You must attend all the live sessions that you have subscribed to. Attending a live session means showing up for class no later than 10 minutes after the designated start time and attending until the end. In the event you are not able to attend a Live Session, you can go through the recording of the same to be eligible for the guarantee.
  4. Mocks: You must take at least 2 official GMAT Prep mock tests in the last 15 days before your GMAT test date and share the score reports with us.

We want you to ace the GMAT and reach your target score but in the unlikely event that even after doing the above your score still does not improve as promised, you may ask for a complete refund – no questions asked.

Refund Amount

  • If either of the Quant or Verbal score improvement is not attained – 50% of the amount paid for the course (excluding extensions) will be refunded.
  • If neither Quant nor Verbal guarantee is attained, 100% of the course fee will be refunded.

Note: The amounts paid for the extension of the course is not refundable. In the event you extend the course for an additional fee, we will only refund the amount paid for the original purchase of the course.

For example, if you purchased GMAT Live Prep for $499 and later got it extended for 2 months at a price of $169, we will refund $499– your original purchase (in case of the 100% refund).

Process to claim Refund

To claim a refund, you must write to us within 5 days of your test date and need to grant us access to your,

  • Previous score report basis which you are claiming the guarantee.
  • New online official GMAT score report. Also, send the PDF version of the score report to support@e-gmat.com.
  • Reports of the 2 official GMAT Prep mock tests (first attempt) that you take within last 15 days of appearing for the GMAT.

Note: If you cancel your score, then you need to share the ESR for your attempt.

Additionally, we will look at your course attempts to check for eligibility.

If you have any query feel free to write to us at support@e-gmat.com.

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