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GMAT Focus Percentiles: Will they change?

GMAT Focus Percentiles: Will they change?
A 2 min read

“Will the GMAT Focus percentiles change significantly? How will this impact my score and chances at top business schools?”

These are the questions on every ambitious GMAT test taker’s mind. With the introduction of the GMAT Focus Edition, speculation has been rife about shifts in percentile distributions, especially for those aiming for the top 10 percentile (645+). We’re here to cut through the noise, bringing you a data-driven analysis straight from the source: the GMAC. We answer these questions in the video below:

What You’ll Discover:

  • Reasons for Speculation: A critical examination of the causes of widespread speculation regarding significant changes to GMAT percentiles.
  • Comparative Insights: An in-depth look at scoring under the classic GMAT versus the GMAT Focus Edition, debunking myths with hard data.
  • Real-World Impact: Analysis of how potential percentile shifts could affect your application, with a spotlight on scenarios like applying to Harvard Business School.
  • GMAC’s Perspective: Direct insights from GMAC officials on the stability and expected trends in GMAT percentiles.
  • A Historical Lens: Exploration of how GMAT percentiles have evolved over the years and the reasons why current speculations may not materialize.
  • Scoring Precision: An overview of the GMAT’s commitment to scoring accuracy, particularly for high achievers, and its implications for test takers.

The best way to understand the new GMAT scoring system is by trying the test out for yourself, and get a detailed score analysis report.

Key links (Updated January 2024)

Read our article to learn more about the GMAT Focus Score and its percentile.

Essential Takeaways:

  • Early indicators and discussions with GMAC suggest a consistent and reliable pattern in GMAT Focus Edition percentiles. The scores reported are in line with the those predicted by the GMAC. In fact, the updated concordance tables (Jan 6, linked below) show little deviation.
  • The emphasis on precision in scoring reflects GMAT’s dedication to assessing test takers’ true abilities.
  • During our discussions with folks at GMAC India HQ, Adam Witwer, Chief Product Official at the GMAC, indicated that they do not expect the percentiles to change significantly.

To Conclude:

Armed with facts and insights from the GMAC, this video aims to redirect the conversation from speculative anxieties towards actionable strategies for personal improvement and success. Whether you’re targeting the top 10 percentile or are just at beginning your GMAT journey, you’ll find valuable guidance on approaching the test with confidence and clarity.

Remember, the path to GMAT success is less about outperforming shifting percentiles and more about realizing your personal best. Let’s embark on this journey of improvement together, equipped with the right knowledge and mindset for achieving greatness. 

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