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[Session is LIVE NOW] GMAT 740 – from Basics to Mastery in 4 Months | 130-point #GMAT Score Improvement

e-GMAT brings to you yet another GMAT journey that you can relate to, learn from, and get motivated by. Raunak, started with a score of 610 and achieved 740 (Q50, V40) within four months. A journey marked with hard work, consistency, never giving up, and the most important trait of “Learning from your mistakes” to go from the basics to mastery!

In this session, Rajat Sadana, the co-founder of e-GMAT, will be discussing the following aspects with Raunak:

  1. His initial course of action
  2. Why Raunak was unable to improve in Verbal – despite “knowing the concepts”?
  3. How e-GMAT solutions and data analytics for Official Guide questions helped him achieve consistent V39+ scores?
  4. Quant Prep – Saving 40+ hours of prep time through PACE architecture (Bridging gaps at foundation level)
  5. How he tackled inconsistent scores in mock test?
  6. The timing and skipping strategies Raunak employed to get to V40
  7. Importance of structured prep for GMAT and personalized guidance, especially in the last 10 days of his preparation
  8. 130-point score improvement in 4 months – Important learnings and advice for fellow test-takers


Not only this, but you also get access to the e-GMAT resources and a Sigma-X Mock test (Free Full-length mock). –

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