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Collection of GMAT Verbal articles

In this article, we have shared links of a few GMAT Verbal articles on our blog.

GMAT Verbal articles

Sentence Correction


  1. A primer on Noun phrases and Noun Modifiers – Click here.
  2. Noun Modifiers can Modify slightly far away noun – Click here.
  3. Various Functions of Verb-ing Words – Click here.
  4. Usage of  Verb-ing Modifiers –  Part I – Click here.
  5. Usage of Verb-ing Modifiers – Part II – Click here.
  6. Verb-ed Forms – Verbs or Modifiers- Click here.
  7. Verb-ed Modifiers vs Verb-ing Modifiers – Click here.
  8. Verb-ed Modifiers cannot jump over verbs – Click here.
  9. NOUN + NOUN MODIFIERS – Can modify any entity – Click here.
  10. Noun + Noun Modifier Vs Verb-ing Modifiers – Click here.


  1. Markers in Parallelism- Click here.
  2. Parallelism: Imperfect List – Click here.
  3. Parallelism: Grammar Vs. Logic – Click here.
  4. How far Ellipsis is permissible in Comparison – Click here.


  1. 5 Strategies that GMAC uses to Change Meaning – Click here.
  2. Learn how That can help you demystify a long sentence – Click here.
  3. Alien words not so alien – Click here.
  4. To verb vs For Verb-ing – Click here.
  5. The peril of ignoring the non-underlined portion – Click here.
  6. Debunking Pronoun Myths.  Click here.
  7. Foundations of GMAT Grammar.  Click here / Access PDF


  1. Usage of Like – Click here.
  2. As Vs Like – Part 2- Click here.
  3. Due to Vs Because of – Click here.

Critical Reasoning

  1. Negation Test – Click here.
  2. Bold Face – Click here.
  3. Inference Vs Assumption – the confusion ends here – Click here
  4. Alternate Cause – A weakener or not – Click here / Access PDF
  5. A Primer On Variance Analysis – Click here.
  6. Quantitative Predictive Arguments – Click here.
  7. Sampling in CR Questions – Click here.

Reading Comprehension

  1. Paragraph Summaries to Main Point – Click here.
  2. RC – Main Point Practice – Click here.

Integrated Reasoning

  1. Weighted Average – Click here
  2. Compare Mean and Median in 20 seconds – Click here

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