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Scholaranium 2.2 – Product Update

e-GMAT was founded with the aim of providing education that is better than a private tutor at affordable prices. Every project and that we have embarked upon since is a step in that direction. Scholaranium has been one of our most popular products since its inception. A couple of the reasons for its popularity are:

  1. High-quality questions in Quant and Verbal both
  2. Analytics that help you identify where you are faltering

This was with the first version of the Scholaranium. As a company that works on the principle of continuous improvement, we worked on the insights that we got through working with 1000s of students to create Scholaranium 2.0.

We worked extensively on the Insights and AI offered by the system and amplified it to mimic a private tutor. With Scholaranium 2.0 we set the standard for what a quizzing + analytics tool should be.

And now within a span of one month from launching Scholaranium 2.0, we have brought in the next set of improvements. We are now launching Scholaranium 2.2.

In this article, I will touch upon some of the features from Scholaranium 2.2 that will help you create hyper-specific improvement plans all by yourself!

1. 3D Chart in Skill Data

We first introduced 3D charts on the dashboard of Scholaranium 2.0 and it has now been included in Skill Data screen as well. On this page, you see the block-level data.

You will be able to compare how you are performing in different blocks and focus only where necessary. This feature allows you to work on specific topics instead of working on an entire sub-section.

2. Skill Data to include data points from Mocks

You can now analyze your mocks through the lens of Skill Data analytics. Data from mocks will enrich your Skill Data analytics. If you perform poorly in a mock in an area that has traditionally been your strength, because of timing constraints or otherwise, it will now be reflected in the Skill Data section.

This integration between SIGma-X mocks and Scholaranium will help you create accurate plans.

3. Additional Filters to Replay Quiz

After you take a quiz, if you wish to solve a specific set of questions again – the ones that you got wrong, or the ones in your review list, you can now do it! This gives you the ability to practice questions that fit a specific criteria, something what a Private tutor does.

One of the most important use case – you can attempt the incorrect questions again before looking at the solutions.

The options available at the time of Replay are:

  1. Entire Quiz
  2. Correct Questions
  3. Incorrect Questions
  4. Review List (this includes all the questions that are a part of the review list for any reason)

4. Additional Filters for Bookmarks/Notes

You now get an additional option to filter your bookmarked questions and notes by topic. You can create quizzes with bookmarked from specific topics or review your notes from a topic. This will greatly help you when you are fine-tuning and working on specific topics.

5. Resume Quiz

We keep getting requests wherein quizzes are abandoned because of technical issues, or work calls, or something else came up. To ensure that as students, you do not end up wasting questions and you get the insights that make sense we have added the feature to resume quizzes.

You can resume a quiz within 24 hours of interruption. To resume the quiz go to Attempts > Click on the note at the top to resume quiz > Click on resume

6. Thresholds on Dashboard

To ensure you know that you are on the right track, we have defined thresholds for each difficulty level. These thresholds give you the minimum accuracy that you are expected to have in a particular difficulty level (Easy questions – 80%, Medium questions – 70%, Hard questions – 55%).

If you hit these milestones, you know you are on the right track, but if you do not hit these milestones, you know where you need to improve. This feature is again on the lines of creating hyper-specific improvement plans by knowing where you need to improve and then working specifically on that.

This is in no way to say that this is the target for a particular difficulty level irrespective of your target score. If you are targeting 90%ile + score in any sub-section, you will have to work to get higher accuracy in Medium and Hard questions than the threshold value. Threshold values are the minimum expected accuracy values to know that you have the right foundations.

7. Navigation from Solution View

Another enhancement that was brought about by YOU! After the launch of Scholaranium 2.0, we got overwhelming responses and feedback. While most of the feedback was about how the analytics helped you understand your performance and ability better, some of you shared how reviewing the questions required 4 clicks.

To make you more efficient, we changed the navigation from solution view and now the 4 clicks have come down to 2! We love such participation from our students which helps us better an already amazing product.

As you can see, all our improvements and updates stem from the 1 goal that we set out with – become more effective than a Private Tutor!

We will continue to work on our products and with every improvement and investment we make, we and in turn, YOU will come closer to getting the experience of a Private Tutor quality insights at affordable prices.

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