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Launching Scholaranium for Data Insights || e-GMAT

Launching Scholaranium for Data Insights ||  e-GMAT
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Unveiling the DI Scholaranium to Enhance Your GMAT Preparation!

We are beyond thrilled to share some exciting news with all of you today! If you’ve been on the journey with us through your GMAT preparation, you know how dedicated we are at e-GMAT to providing you with the best resources and learning experiences. Today, I am delighted to introduce you to a new chapter in our journey: the launch of Scholaranium for Data Insights!

A Treasure Trove of Original Questions

In our continuous effort to provide you with unparalleled preparation material, DI Scholaranium brings to you a whopping 350 questions, each meticulously crafted and paired with solutions, dedicated to data insights. This is in addition to the existing 500 questions available in the DI course, summing up to a total of 850 original questions. I want to emphasize the word “original” here because, at e-GMAT, we take great pride in creating all questions and solutions in-house, ensuring authenticity and reliability in your preparation.

Watch this video to understand about the Quizzing Interface:

Navigating Through Authentic Data

The original questions are not just a testament to authenticity but also a beacon of reliable data that you can trust and utilize for your preparation strategy. The data derived from these questions allows you to gauge your readiness and strategically plan your examination schedules. The questions encompass all sections of data insights, starting from GI and TA, moving to two-part analysis, and concluding with MSR, ensuring a comprehensive preparation module.

Simulating DI Mocks

While the SIGma-X GFE mocks are on the horizon, with DI Scholaranium, you can simulate DI mocks to get a reasonable estimate of your DI scores. Although these are fixed mocks, not adaptive like the sigma x mocks, they provide a valuable insight into your preparedness and areas that require further attention. The Video below shows you how to do:

Strategic Preparation and Continuous Improvement

  • Formulate and Cement Quizzes: A separate video will guide you on building cementing quizzes, ensuring that your learning is solidified and retained. This video shows how to do this.
  • Build Your Error Log: As you take quizzes, build your error log to ensure that you are learning from your mistakes and not repeating them in subsequent quizzes or the actual GMAT.

Watch this video to understand how to build a Cementing Quiz:

SIGma-X Mocks (for GFE) and Best Practices

We will be launching the SIGma-X mocks for GFE soon. Below are a  few best practices for utilizing Scholaranium effectively:

  • Ensure completion of quant, verbal, and DI courses before accessing Scholaranium to maximize chances of achieving the highest score.
  • Formulate and cement quizzes, with a separate video promised to guide on building cementing quizzes.
  • Build an error log as quizzes are taken to ensure continuous improvement.
  • Use the platform to simulate DI mocks, which, although fixed and not adaptive like the sigma x mocks, provide a reasonable estimate of potential DI scores.

Parting Words

The launch of Scholaranium for Data Insights marks a significant milestone in e-GMAT’s offerings, providing you with a rich resource of original questions and a powerful analytics engine to streamline your GMAT preparation. With a promise of reliable data, strategic preparation, and continuous support through additional resources, e-GMAT continues to solidify its position as a trustworthy partner in your GMAT preparation journey. Let’s embark on this exciting journey together and achieve those dream GMAT scores!

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