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How Vijay scored 645 (89th %ile) on the GMAT Focus Edition

How Vijay scored 645 (89th %ile) on the GMAT Focus Edition
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The Graduate Management Admission Test (GMAT) is a crucial stepping stone for many aspiring business professionals. Traditionally, the GMAT has been known for its rigorous assessment of quantitative, verbal, analytical writing, and integrated reasoning skills. However, the introduction of the GMAT Focus Edition marks a significant shift, tailoring the test to be more streamlined and time efficient. This shift reflects a more targeted approach toward evaluating skills pertinent to modern business challenges.

If you are preparing for the GMAT Focus Edition, this article is especially relevant for you. Vijay Mundra’s journey to a 645 (89th percentile) on GMAT Focus Edition, highlighted here, underscores the key strategies and tools essential for mastering this format of the GMAT.

645 on the GMAT Focus Edition

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Vijay’s selection process: GMAT resource

  • Embarking on a GMAT Quest: Vijay Mundra, having graduated with an engineering and STEM background, embarked on a challenging journey to master the GMAT. This decision marked a significant shift from his academic studies to facing the comprehensive demands of a competitive business school entrance exam. This junction highlighted the need for him to adapt and expand his existing knowledge and problem-solving skills to meet the specific requirements of the GMAT.

  • Choosing e-GMAT for Preparation: After conducting thorough research on various preparation methods and resources, Vijay chose to align his GMAT preparation with e-GMAT. His decision was influenced by the e-GMAT’s approach and resources, which he believed would best complement his learning style and help bridge the gap between his current skills and those needed for success on the GMAT.

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Vijay’s Personalised Study Plan creation process

  • Initial Reality Check with Sigma-X Mock: Vijay’s journey towards GMAT excellence began with an eye-opening Sigma-X mock test score of 590 on GCE. This initial score served as a reality check about his Quant ability, despite his strong background in mathematics and engineering.
  • Recognizing the Knowledge Gap: The mock test score highlighted a significant gap between Vijay’s existing knowledge and the specific skills required for the GMAT Quant. This realization was a crucial moment for him, as it underscored the differences between academic knowledge and the application-oriented nature of the GMAT.
  • Creating a Personalized Study Plan: Utilizing the resources provided by e-GMAT, Vijay created a personalized study plan. This plan was focused on addressing his weaknesses and reinforcing his strengths by providing a detailed plan to reach his target score in the given timeline effectively.

Vijay’s Path to Quantitative Mastery: 97th percentile achievement

  • Key Success Factor: P.A.C.E., e-GMAT’s AI – Vijay attributes a significant part of his GMAT success to leveraging P.A.C.E., an advanced AI tool provided by e-GMAT. This was instrumental in streamlining Vijay’s study process, saving him approximately 50 hours, a crucial benefit for busy professionals.

  • Personalized Diagnostic Assessments – P.A.C.E. excelled in offering personalized diagnostics, analyzing Vijay’s performance in detail to identify his strengths and areas needing improvement. This personalized analysis allowed Vijay to concentrate his efforts on specific areas, moving away from a generalized study method and focusing on what he needed most.
  • Score Improvement in Quant section– Vijay’s use of P.A.C.E. led to a remarkable improvement in the GMAT Classic Edition, where he elevated his score from Q44 to Q50, showcasing significant mastery in the quantitative section. The effectiveness of P.A.C.E. was further validated in Vijay’s performance on the GMAT Focus Edition, where he achieved a Q89 score (97th percentile).

Vijay’s effective use of scholaranium to achieve success in GMAT

  • Cementing stage: For Vijay, a crucial phase in the e-GMAT program was the ‘Cementing Stage,’ where the focus shifts to mastering the application of learned concepts through tackling Medium and Hard level GMAT-like questions. This stage transcends basic concept acquisition, emphasizing the integration and solidification of knowledge, ensuring a deeper and more practical understanding.

  • Strategic Review: Another critical aspect of his success was the strategic review process. This wasn’t just about revisiting questions but involved a meticulous analysis of his approach to each problem. It enabled Vijay to identify not only his mistakes but also to refine his problem-solving strategies. This rigorous review process was instrumental in elevating his performance, especially in the quant section, where precision and speed are key.

Vijay’s insights: DI v/s IR prep strategies

Vijay’s success in the GMAT was significantly influenced by his proficiency in the Data Interpretation (DI) section where he achieved a 78 score (73rd percentile). This part of the exam, known for its distinct challenges, played a key role in his overall performance.

  • DI vs. IR in Classic GMAT: Unlike the Integrated Reasoning (IR) section in the Classic GMAT, the DI section demands a more intensive focus on data analysis and inference-making. Also, it’s now one of the major sections and it adapts to the test takers’ ability like Quant and Verbal. This shift requires a different set of skills, vital in today’s data-centric business environment.
  • Approach for DI Mastery: Mastering the DI section required Vijay to adopt a unique approach, one that differed significantly from the strategies used in the IR section. This involved developing the ability to quickly interpret complex data sets and make accurate decisions under time constraints, to develop the same Vijay completed the entire e-GMAT DI course sub-section by sub-section.
  • Data Sufficiency Questions in DI: With the movement of Data Sufficiency questions from the Quant section to DI, Vijay had to rethink his strategy to tackle the DS questions. Building proficiency in handling these types of questions became an essential part of mastering the DI section.

Click here for more information on the new Data Insights section.

The Crucial Role of Sigma-X Mocks in Vijay’s Success

  • Identifying Areas for Improvement: Vijay highly valued Sigma-X mock tests in his GMAT preparation, treating them as more than mere practice tools. They were integral to his study plan, offering comprehensive analytics that included not only his performance across different subsections and overall timing but also detailed insights into each question. These mocks provided crucial data on the threshold time (the maximum time he should ideally spend on a question) and the median time taken by other students who attempted the same questions. This level of detail enabled Vijay to fine-tune his time management skills and understand where his pacing stood in comparison to others.

  • Building Endurance and Mental Agility: The mock tests were pivotal in developing the endurance and mental agility Vijay needed for the real GMAT. Sigma-X mocks offered Vijay an opportunity to immerse himself in an environment that closely mimicked the actual GMAT format, time constraints, and pressure.
  • Strategy Refinement and Time Management: Through the Sigma-X mock tests, Vijay was able to refine his test-taking strategies and improve his time management, both critical elements for success in the GMAT. The mocks provided a platform for him to practice and perfect these skills in a controlled setting, mirroring the conditions he would face on test day.
  • Impact on Real Exam Performance: The rigorous and consistent practice with these mock tests played a crucial role in Vijay’s confidence during the actual GMAT. This preparation was key to his remarkable performance and high score, demonstrating the value of thorough and realistic practice.

Lessons Learned and Advice Shared

Reflecting on his journey, Vijay highlights three key learnings:

  • Focus on Quality, Not Quantity While Practicing Questions: Vijay emphasizes the importance of quality over quantity in practicing GMAT questions. He discovered that it’s more effective to thoroughly understand and internalize a smaller set of questions than to superficially go through a larger set. This approach involves deep analysis of each question, understanding the underlying concepts, and mastering the techniques required to solve them efficiently.
  • Maintain Consistency, Even Amidst Professional Commitments: Despite the challenges posed by his professional life, Vijay stresses the importance of consistent study. He recognized that regular and continuous preparation, even in smaller durations, is crucial to keep the concepts fresh and maintain the momentum in learning. Vijay managed to integrate his GMAT preparation into his daily routine, ensuring that his professional responsibilities did not hinder his study progress.
  • Regularly Review and Understand the Approaches to Solving Questions, Even If They Are Correct: Vijay advises regularly reviewing and analyzing the approach to each question, including the ones answered correctly. He found that understanding the rationale behind the correct answers could reveal more efficient methods or shortcuts to solving similar questions in the future. This practice also helps in reinforcing the correct approaches and strategies.

Conclusion: A Step Towards Future Aspirations

As Vijay moves on to the application process for his further studies, he leaves behind a trail of insights and strategies that can benefit future GMAT aspirants.

His story is a testament to the power of adaptive learning and strategic preparation. His experience offers valuable lessons for anyone embarking on their GMAT journey, highlighting the importance of personalized learning paths and the effective use of technology in test preparation.

Watch full video to learn about Vijay’s learnings during his GMAT journey and how he scored 645 (89 %ile) on the new GMAT Focus Edition:

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