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How to use OG Scholaranium?

The launch of OG Scholaranium combined with the analytics platform, official questions, and e-GMAT solutions now allows for an unprecedented range of opportunities for students. In this blog post, I would like to go through a few aspects of how this impacts you and how you can make the best use of OG Scholaranium.

Here are the questions we will try to answer:

When should you use OG-Scholaranium?

Now that OG Questions have been moved to OG-Scholaranium, the natural first question in a student’s mind is when to use them?

The answer is that students should use OG-Scholaranium after solving Scholaranium questions in Stage-2 of their learning. This serves 2 purposes:

  • Fine-tune your ability
  • Get practice with official content

OG-Scholaranium should not be used to learn concepts. Instead, students should make use of the various concept files, application files, and practice files that are purpose-built for learning concepts.

Let us make this clear with an example:

Let’s say that you are studying GMAT Sentence Correction; once you are done with Stage-1 of your learning, you move on to Stage-2, where you solve Scholaranium questions. This is in-line with our learning philosophy of cementing methods. After this is when you should move on to solving questions using OG-Scholaranium.

Why should you not use OG-Scholaranium in Stage-1?

The reason for the change in our stance about when to solve OG questions is simple, data. At e-GMAT, we are driven by data, and based on the analysis of 300+ of our successful students. We concluded that for a student to learn concepts and their application, the key things that are required are:

  • Concept Files
  • Application Files
  • Practice Files

As the content in these files is purpose-built to test the application of only the concepts that you have learned up till now in any particular sub-section. Deriving measurable benefit from solving OG questions requires analytics, which is now provided by the OG-Scholaranium platform. This is also one of the primary reasons for the launch of OG-Scholaranium.

Thus, for learning, the concept, application, and practice file should be sufficient. For cementing the method and process, you can use the OG-Scholaranium, which contains questions that may involve the application of multiple concepts.

To reiterate, your learning will not be negatively impacted by not solving OG questions in Stage-1. Instead, using OG-Scholaranium (as advised above) will help you reach 90+ percentile ability level in a much more efficient manner. The data and analytics provided by the platform will help you in figuring out the gaps in your knowledge and the areas you need to focus.

What are the different ways in which you can use OG-Scholaranium?

Use Case 1: To cement your methods further after using Scholaranium

Typically Stage 2 of learning entails that you take a couple of medium and hard quizzes with 10 questions each while ensuring that you get 70%+ accuracy in the quiz.

After you have cleared this milestone, you should use OG-Scholaranium to create a couple of medium quizzes. Make sure that you do a strategic review of each quiz with the help of the data that is now provided by the OG-Scholaranium.

Use Case 2: Based on your Skill-Data

Another way you can OG-Scholaranium is based on the analysis of your Skill-data.

E.g., based on an analysis of your skill-data, you realize you are not doing well on questions based geometry (circle based questions) and are still at 60% accuracy. This is when you can use OG-Scholaranium to create a quiz that tests you on circle concepts and their application.

Thus, now you can use official questions to fine-tune your understanding of concepts and their application. The OG questions, along with e-GMAT solutions, now give you the best of both worlds, i.e. official content that has appeared on the test as well as e-GMAT process-based solutions.

This is in addition to all the analytics that OG-Scholaranium provides you should help you in a strategic and effective review of your preparation to hit 90 percentile ability.

Use Case 3: Creating Mock Quizzes

With OG-Scholaranium, now you can create mixed quizzes for Stage-3 of your preparation. With SC, CR, and RC questions now under the same platform now, you can create mixed quizzes with official questions (albeit non-adaptive).

E.g., to create an OG Verbal mock, you can select 12 SC questions, 14 CR questions, and 12 RC questions of medium to hard difficulty levels. Thus, now you can create mocks using OG questions, access e-GMAT solutions, and use the analytics provided by the Scholaranium together to get the best of all worlds.

How should you use OG-Scholaranium while learning during Stage-1?

For those who would like to practice using OG questions, here is how you can use OG-Scholaranium during stage-1 of your learning.

E.g., if you finish up circles in geometry, i.e. you have gone through the concept files, application files, and practice files, you should now move on to OG-Scholaranium. In OG-Scholaranium, you should select questions based on circles and create a custom quiz.

The difficulty level you select for the quiz should be based on your strength in the particular topic, e.g., if you are not strong in circles, then maybe you should select easy questions for the quiz.

We at e-GMAT look forward to your feedback about OG-Scholaranium. In case of any questions, please write to us at support@e-gmat.com


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