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How to calculate GMAT score – GMAT Planner vs GMAT Score Chart

A GMAT score chart helps you identify the Quant-Verbal score combination required to achieve your target score. However, a GMAT score chart always provides multiple Quant-Verbal score combinations for a particular GMAT score. For example, if you target a score of 750 on the GMAT, then you can achieve that score with (Q49, V45), (Q50, V42), (Q50, V41), (Q51, V40) and a few more Quant-Verbal score combinations.

Traditionally, most of you would have spent time on those complicated GMAT score charts to map your Quant and Verbal scores to your target GMAT Score.

If you are retaking the GMAT, GMAT Planner will help you set your Target Quant and Verbal percentiles. Take a look at our 5-step strategy for a successful GMAT Retake.

Why GMAT Score Chart vs. e-GMAT’s GMAT Planner

GMAT score charts are complicated and require more time to interpret. To make it easy we have developed a remarkable tool known as GMAT Planner. This tool will provide you with an optimal way to plan your GMAT preparation so that you can reach your target score. GMAT Planner provides not only the sectional (Quant and verbal) percentiles required to reach your target score but also the sub-sectional (CR, RC, and SC in Verbal and Algebra & Arithmetic in Quant).

The recommended Quant and Verbal scores are decided using a proprietary algorithm that combines your relative comfort level with Quant and Verbal with data from the actual test reports from hundreds of students.

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How to calculate GMAT score – GMAT Planner

Step 1 – Log on to GMAT Planner

Step 2 – You’ll see the following screen. Click on ‘Start GMAT Planner’

gmat score chart gmat planner | understanding gmat scores

Step 3 – On the next page, enter your target GMAT Score and your GMAT test date (optional). There are a few FAQs on the right side of the page, and if you have any additional question, you can click on ‘Ask a question’. Click on ‘Next’.

gmat score chart gmat planner

Step 4 – Enter your Proficiency level in Quant Section. Your proficiency level depends on your comfort level with GMAT Quant. Even if you are not very sure about your proficiency level, take the best guess. You can always change your proficiency level. Our algorithm is smart enough to calculate the target verbal score accordingly.

gmat score chart gmat planner

Step 5 – Enter your proficiency level in GMAT Verbal.

gmat score chart gmat planner

Step 6 – This screen shows your Quant and Verbal scores and percentiles required to achieve your target score. Click on the arrow pointing downwards to know your sub-sectional percentiles. You will also find FAQs and an option to ‘ask a question’ on the right side of the screen.

gmat score chart gmat planner

Step 7 – You can now view your SC, CR and RC percentiles in Verbal section and Algebra & Arithmetic percentiles in the Quant section.

gmat score chart gmat planner

You also have the option to tweak your Quant and Verbal scores keeping your overall GMAT score constant. Similarly, you can also tweak your sub-sectional percentiles. You would see green colored lock images on the right of SC, CR and RC percentiles. Click on any one of them to lock that sub-sectional percentile and you can adjust the other two percentiles.

In the image below, I have tweaked the Quant score to 49. Therefore, GMAT Planner adjusts the verbal score to 45 and changes the sub-sectional percentiles at the same time.

gmat score chart gmat planner

Not just that, you also have the option to mail yourself the PDF and refer to it later while you’re preparing.

GMAT score calculation – Be Smart. Be Efficient. Ace the GMAT.

Benjamin Franklin said, “If you fail to plan, you are planning to fail.” GMAT Planner will help you plan more effectively for the GMAT than a GMAT score chart will. It takes less than 2 minutes to find out the sectional and sub-sectional scores required to achieve your target GMAT score.

Isn’t it easier than looking at a complicated GMAT score chart which gives you half the information in twice the time?

Be Smart. Be Efficient. You need to be both to ace the GMAT.

We can help you ace the GMAT. Just as this innovative tool to plan for the GMAT, our study resources are innovative as well. Why don’t you take a look at our free study resources?

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