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GMAT Score Report – FAQs – Format, Validity, Cancellation

The score for which you have worked for months (maybe years) is finally flashing on your screen. You leave your testing station, and a test center representative hands you the unofficial score report. Now, you may wonder when will you receive your official GMAT score report? In how much time will the selected schools receive their copy of your score report? In this article, we will answer the most frequently asked questions about GMAT score reports, including:

GMAT Score Report: Structure and FormatGMAT Score Report Structure and Format

What is the structure and format of the official score report?

Below is a sample of a GMAT official score report.

Your score report includes the following sections:

  1. Test Taker Information
  2. Optional Test Taker Information
  3. Test Information (Scores and Percentiles)

Let us look at what information is contained in each of the above sections.

Test Taker Information:

This section contains your contact details such as email address and phone number along with unique information such as your GMAT ID and appointment number. Your GMAT ID and appointment number are useful in the rare case of any discrepancies with your test or with the test center. You can use this information when speaking with GMAC to help identify your exam session and clear any issues.

Optional Test Taker Information (Self-Reported)

This section contains self-reported information such as undergraduate GPA, undergraduate major, intended graduate study, etc. You can choose to report or decline to report this information. Since this information is self-reported, the onus of correcting any discrepancies lies with the test-taker.

Test Information (Scores and Percentiles)

This section contains all your GMAT sectional scores and percentiles as well as your total score. Your official GMAT score consists of the following 5 parts:

Score Type or SectionScore Range
Total Scaled Score200 – 800 (In 10-point increments)
Verbal Scaled Score6 – 51
Quantitative Scaled Score6 – 51
Analytical Writing Assessment (AWA)0 – 6 (In 0.5-point increments)
Integrated Reasoning1 – 8

Your total scaled score is calculated based on your Quant and Verbal scores. Your AWA and Integrated Reasoning sectional scores do NOT affect your total scores.

Along with your sectional score, the official score report includes your percentile scores. The percentile score indicates your performance relative to other test takers. In other words, it represents how you performed compared to other GMAT test takers.

Take a look at this video on how to convert GMAT score to percentile:

For a more nuanced understanding of GMAT percentile scores read this article.

GMAT Score Report: Validity and Reporting TimeGMAT Score Report - Validity and Reporting Time

How long does it take for the official score report to be generated?

According to GMAC, your official score report is available within 20 days of your test appointment date. Immediately after your test appointment, if you have chosen to accept your GMAT score, you are given an unofficial score report which contains your total and sectional scores for all sections excluding the AWA section. Your AWA score is only available on your official score report.

The unofficial score report includes an authentication code which can be used to access your official score report once it is made available online. Besides viewing your official score report online, you also have the options to download and print your official score report.

How does GMAC send the official score report?

Once your official score report is available, you will receive an email notification of the same. The email notification will contain instructions to access your official score report online.

How long does it take for schools to receive my official score report?

The 5 business school programs which you have selected to send your GMAT scores to on test day receive access to view your scores within 20 days.

If you want to send score reports to additional schools, you can do so by ordering an Additional Score Report. Each additional score report costs $35. Once your official GMAT score is made available online, additional score reports are sent within 7 calendar days.

How to order and send additional score reports?

You have the following options to send your official score reports to additional schools and programs:

How long is the score report valid or what is the validity of the GMAT score report?

Your GMAT scores are valid for five years and are available for reporting for up to 10 years. Scores over 10 years are not available.

GMAT Score Reports: Cancellation and Reinstatement GMAT Score Report - Cancellation and Reinstatement

How to cancel your GMAT Score?

On completing the GMAT, you are shown a preview of your GMAT Total, Quant, Verbal, and IR scores. You have 2 minutes to accept or cancel your scores. If you choose to accept your scores, the test center administrator hands you an unofficial score report which contains the authentication code required to access your official score report. If you do not make a selection within 2 minutes, your score will be automatically canceled.

If you choose to cancel your score, no unofficial score report is handed to you, and your score is canceled without any cost. Additionally, you have 72 hours to cancel your scores after you have accepted them at the test center. There is a $25 fee to cancel your score after leaving the test center.

In case you chose to cancel your score, it will not be sent to any of the schools you have selected. If you are planning a retake, you must wait at least 16 days to retake the exam. If you purchase an additional score report within the 72-hour cancellation period, you will not be able to cancel your score online.

Can I reinstate my canceled GMAT Score?

Yes, you can reinstate a canceled test score, if you have taken the exam after January 1, 2014. Reinstatement of canceled score costs $50.

A canceled score is eligible for reinstatement up to 4 years and 11 months of the exam date. This time frame accounts for the 5-year life of your GMAT exam score, with a 1-month allowance for processing.

On reinstating your score, it will be sent to the list of 5 schools which you had selected initially. This list of schools cannot be modified.

Additional Score report serviceUS $35 each
Cancel Score (Online)/ Over TelephoneUS $25 / US $35
Reinstate ScoreUS $50
AWA Essay RescoringUS $45

Do Business Schools know if I have canceled or reinstated a score?

Schools will not see any indication of canceled scores in test reports. Furthermore, reinstated scores included in the test report do not include any indication of the score being canceled or reinstated. It will appear the same as any valid GMAT score.

If I retake the GMAT do schools receive the canceled scores in the test report?

The test report sent to schools includes all score which you have not canceled. The school does not receive any canceled scores. As mentioned above, reinstated scores appear as any other valid GMAT scores and do not include any indication of the score being canceled or reinstated.

Is there any difference between the official score report sent to schools and the one made available to me?

The score report sent to schools additionally includes your response to the AWA section. All other information included is the same as the score report you receive.

What is the difference between Unofficial, Official and Enhanced Score Reports?

Your Unofficial score report does not include your AWA sectional score or the digital photograph taken before the test. Also, GMAT states that the scores reported on your unofficial score report may vary from the one reported on your official score report. However, this is a rare occurrence. You cannot use the unofficial score report for admission applications. The official score report includes all your final sectional and total scores. It also includes the digital photograph taken at the test center along with your self-reported background information. However, only the Enhanced Score Report includes the following additional information:

  • Overall section performance ranking.
  • Tables that show performance as you progressed through the verbal and quantitative sections.
  • Performance ranking by question type.
  • Sub-section time management information.

If you want additional information to decide if it is worth purchasing the ESR, read this article.

 Unofficial Score ReportOfficial Score ReportEnhanced Score Report
Includes Verbal, Quant, IR ScoreYesYesYes
Includes AWA ScoreNoYesNo
Includes Digital PhotographNoYesNo
CostFreeEach additional score report over the 5 included in GMAT test fee costs US$35US $30
Sub-Section Timing Information and ProgressionNoNoYes
Available after self- cancellation of the scoreNoNoYes

If you are retaking the GMAT and want to improve your score, read this article on analyzing your ESR which will help you in developing your retake strategy.

We hope this article answers all your questions about GMAT score reports. In case of any additional question or strategy advice, please write to us at acethegmat@e-gmat.com and our strategy experts will provide personalized guidance according to your needs.

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