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Personalized Study Planner – GMAT Planning made easy

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Ninety-five percent (yes 95%) of GMAT aspirants today do not follow a milestone-driven study plan. This is because despite there being hundreds of study plans available on the internet, few are adaptable to individuals’ strengths and weaknesses. In fact, most people who create milestone-driven study plans are those who work with private tutors (i.e. spend thousands of dollars).

GMAT personalized study plan

Why should you create a milestone-driven GMAT personalized study plan? Because without one your GMAT preparation will likely go in circles (just ask any retaker), you would have little idea as to when to switch from one subsection to the other (say Number Properties to Algebra, or Sentence Correction to Critical Reasoning), and when to schedule your GMAT.

GMAT study plan in 5 minutes

Most people who create milestone-driven study plans are those who work with private tutors (i.e. spend thousands of dollars). Create your own personalized GMAT study plan in 5 minutes.

In fact, data shows that people who create milestone-driven GMAT study plans:

  1. Are at least twice as likely to reach their target scores.
  2. Are required to put in 25% fewer hours.

Just ask Rhea who improved from 620 to 760 using such a plan, or Shaarang who was only able to overcome two unsuccessful attempts only when he laid sights on precise milestones.

GMAT personalized study plan tool

To enable everyone to create “milestone-driven” and personalized study plans, we have created a Personalized Study Planner. Built on data and heuristic driven algorithms along with our experience with 35,000+ students, Personalized study Planner empowers anyone to create a milestone-driven custom study plan in as few as 5 minutes.

Click here to access the GMAT Personalized Study Planner tool and create your own study plan in less than 5 minutes

Just in the alpha and beta phase, our students have created more than 1000 custom study plans using this tool – each with its own ending scores, starting scores, strengths, and weaknesses. The best thing – in each of these, students were able to get a precise estimate of their test date based on the effort they put in for their GMAT preparation.

Read below to learn some Key features of PSP and see some examples of milestone-driven study plans.

Features of Personalized Study Planner

Feature How will it help you?
Personalized Plan A single plan cannot fit all! We care about personalization.

The plan considers your

  • Starting abilities
  • Strength and weaknesses
  • Target score
  • The time that you can spend daily
Create in less than 5 minutes! Typically, a study plan takes 3-5 hours to create. It is designed to save your preparation time.
Tentative GMAT Date Based on the inputs you get a realistic estimate of when you can take the GMAT. This increases commitment to the study schedule.
Clear and trackable milestones for achieving your target A daunting task seems achievable and easy when it is broken down into pieces. You can then focus on completing one task at a time.

The same goes for GMAT!  PSP offers you clear milestones for each section and sub-section. As you achieve the required abilities in different sub-sections, one at a time, you know surely and steadily you will reach your final goal. GMAT no longer seems like a black box where you hope for your dream score.

Tracking your progress becomes easy when you know the goal precisely for each sub-section. You no longer need to wait for a mock test to understand where you stand.

A logical sequence of study You will know which section to begin with and which course to go through next. However, you can make changes as per your comfort.
A day wise plan in Calendar view You get a calendar output for your study plan where you can

  • Update the daily study hours. You and make allowance for off days as well and see the plan change automatically
  • Change the sequence of study – The student is free to adjust the sequence in which he would prefer to study
  • Update the start date of your preparation

The calendar view makes the plan easy to track and view.

Time Estimate for each sub-section You will know how much time to spend in each course for reaching their respective targets. E.g., you will know how much time to spend in each of SC, CR or RC.
As you modify the starting and target scores you can see the time estimates changing!  Choose the plan that is optimum for you.
Refine the Plan As you progress with your preparation and get a better idea about your current abilities you can update the inputs to get a refined estimate of time and effort required for completing your preparation.

A Sneak Peek into the Tool

Are you wondering how you can use the tool after all? How does it look? Click here to access your Personalized Study Planner. I am sure you will like it!

If you are a fresher and have no idea about your starting scores, do not worry! The PSP estimates your starting scores and allows you to create a plan which can be refined later.

If you are a re-taker and still thinking about which plan will suit you and wondering how to customize the plan, do not worry about it anymore. Feed-in your current abilities and get the plan crafted to your needs. Read the following article to know-how.

Take out 5 minutes from your day and get started with the tool. Click here to access your Personalized Study Planner.

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