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“The MBA Bootcamp” – An Exclusive Workshop for Serious MBA Aspirants

“The MBA Bootcamp” – An Exclusive Workshop for Serious MBA Aspirants
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An MBA is one of the most important career decisions in one’s life, not just because it’s an expensive investment, but because it’s often the ultimate degree that one pursues. Also, the business school you choose to do your MBA from often impacts your career more than anything else. It is such an important decision, as a candidate, you must do your proper research on several factors. These factors include:

  • The right business schools that will suit your profile and aspirations,
  • The GMAT score that will get you there,
  • Aspects of your profile that admissions officers will value,
  • The overall strategy and timelines for your application

With the overload of information that the internet carries, it only gets more complicated when you indulge in online research to find answers to these questions. The MBA Bootcamp, therefore, is designed to alleviate all your concerns, all in one place, all on one day!

What does MBA Bootcamp offer you?

e-GMAT, Admit Square Consulting and ISBmantra team up, bringing in their years of experience, expert mentors and career coaches, former admissions officers, top school alumni, and even current admissions officers from top business schools, to present a one-day workshop that will address all your GMAT and MBA related questions.

MBA Bootcamp will help you build a broad-level strategy, and interact with alumni and business schools up-close, to gain first-hand insights and information. This event is meant for serious MBA aspirants who are prepared to sit through an entire day of extensive panel discussions, profile building and resume workshops, and GMAT prep strategies. The event closes with an hour of networking session with top business schools alumni and industry experts over evening high tea.

While the event is free for all participants, it is going to be an interactive workshop with limited seats.

Feel free to REGISTER NOW to ensure a seat at the event, and pass on the word to your friends and colleagues who may be planning an MBA soon.

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