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[Session is live] Master Probability and P&C questions – Key to scoring a Q51 on GMAT

[Session is live] Master Probability and P&C questions – Key to scoring a Q51 on GMAT
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How to solve the most difficult Probability and P&C questions within 2 minutes?

If Probability and P&C are your weakness areas in GMAT Quant, then today’s Live Session is for you!
Link to Session –

GMAT aspirants often profusely fear Advanced Topics questions, making it even more difficult (than it already is!) for them to get that Q51.

In this webinar, Shweta Koshija, e-GMAT’s Quant expert, will explain foundational concepts and structured approaches, using examples, so that you can successfully tackle even difficult Advanced Topics questions on the GMAT Quant.

he session will be divided into 3 gradually progressing parts:

Part 1: Warm Up and Concept Recap: Theory Discussion and Feedback on how to solve questions effectively.

Part 2: Solve 600-700 level questions using e-GMAT’s conceptual foundations.

Part 3: Discuss 700-750 level questions to build upon the learning in Parts 1 and 2 of the session.

In all, she will discuss questions, theory, and smart approaches, all with the goal of teaching you how to methodically tackle difficult GMAT-like Questions on P&C and Probability. As a bonus, you will get free access to 80+ questions on these Advanced Topics in e-GMAT’s Scholaranium, 25+ Video Lessons, 7+ Webinars and 300+ Questions which you can use for your GMATPrep.

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