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GMAT™ Focus Official Practice Exams 3 – 6 : All you need to know

GMAT™ Focus Official Practice Exams 3 – 6 : All you need to know
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e-GMAT is an authorized reseller of the GMAT Focus Official Practice Exams 3-6. These are the best official mocks available. Getting precise insights into your performance will help you reduce surprises on the test day.

GMAT Focus Practice Exams

How do I activate the GMAT™ Focus Official Practice Exams 3-6?

  1. Follow the link:
  2. You will be prompted to log-in to your account if you are not already.
  3. Click on “Activation Codes” ; You will be prompted to enter your activation code.
  4. You will receive confirmation that the exam has been added to their account. Click “Continue”
  5. You will see the exam available to start in the ‘Start’ table. Click the ‘Start Exam’ button to launch it.

For how long can I use my GMAT™ Focus Official Practice Exams?

You will have 12 months to activate the product after purchase, and you will have access to the product for 12 months from date of activation.

What will you get?

You’ll Get:

  • Four full-length, official Practice Exams
  • Ability to reset the exam and take each exam twice (in any order)
  • Same scoring algorithm as the real exam
  • Questions that adapt in difficulty as you improve
  • Total and individual section score that align with the real GMAT exam scoring and percentile rankings
  • A score report with detailed performance insights, just like the actual GMAT Focus Edition.

Can I get a refund If I do not use the codes?

GMAT™ Official Practice Exam purchases are non-refundable because of GMAC’s non-refundable policy for its digital products.

To know more about the Official Practice Exams 3-6 you can visit this link. For any further query write to us at

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