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Machines K, M, and N, each | GMAT | DI | DS | Hard | OG

Machines K, M, and N, each | GMAT | DI | DS | Hard | OG
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Machines K, M, and N, each working alone at its constant rate, produce 1 widget in x, y, and 2 minutes, respectively. If Machines K, M, and N work simultaneously……

Machines K, M, and N, each

Solution : Machines K, M, and N, each…

Watch the video solution to see “owning the dataset” approach come to life on this question.

Question Attributes

  • Source: Official Guide
  • Difficulty Level: Hard – 52% accuracy
  • Question Type: Data Sufficiency
  • Category: Math

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Summary – ­Machines K, M, and N, each…

To master DS questions, adhere to the following steps:

  1. Thoroughly analyze the Question stem by actively translating, drawing inferences, and visualising information.
  2. Determining the exact criteria for marking a statement sufficient or insufficient.
  3. Evaluate each statement and eliminate choices appropriately.

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