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Practice taking Online GMAT on floating whiteboard with video tutorials

e-GMAT was one of the first companies to announce Whiteboard integration with its entire course structure. Since then, more than 1500 students have used the Whiteboard to solve 10,000+ questions.

While the GMAT Whiteboard has faced a lot of criticism, those who have spent a few hours practicing using the Whiteboard agree that the Whiteboard brings an advantage for many questions and is a handicap only for a few. We agree (scroll down for more details)

GMAT whiteboard

Today, I am happy to announce three new capabilities:

  1. Floating Whiteboard
  2. Mocks that mimic the Online GMAT
  3. Whiteboard best practices

Floating Whiteboard

To make sure that you take full advantage of the Whiteboard, our engineering team has implemented a floating Whiteboard, just like you would see on the Online GMAT.



With this implementation, your Whiteboard experience will near identical to what you will see on the Online GMAT. Note, you can still practice 2400+ questions using the Whiteboard.


Practice Mocks for Online GMAT

e-GMAT’s Sigma-X mocks now support the online GMAT mode. When you choose this mode you

  1. Get a fixed section order – the same that you get with the Online GMAT
  2. You don’t get a break between Quant and Verbal.






No Break



You still get the excellent analytics though.

Video content on Whiteboard best practices

Acing the Whiteboard takes persistence and effort. However, even before that, it takes belief. To accelerate this process, we have created a dedicated YouTube playlist in which we demonstrate how to solve Quant and Verbal questions using a whiteboard. Take a few minutes to check it out.


Number Properties Question



Word Problems Question




Critical Reasoning Question



The YouTube playlist contains many more videos. Do let us know if you want to see us solve a specific kind of question using the Whiteboard.

We know that the Whiteboard may be temporary. Yet, we decided to invest in this technology as it will help those who plan to take the test in the next few days. So let’s work together to make sure you secure an admit from your dream Business School.


Rajat Sadana

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