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Personalized Study Planner for GMAT Focus Edition 2024 – GMAT Planning made easy

Personalized Study Planner for GMAT Focus Edition 2024 – GMAT Planning made easy
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Introduction – Personalized Study Planner (PSP)

When preparing for the GMAT, especially the new GMAT Focus Edition,  having a well-thought-out study plan is not just a good idea—it’s essential. A study plan helps guide your preparation by providing a structured framework that brings clarity to three fundamental questions:

  1. How will you reach your target GMAT score?
  2. How long will it take to achieve this score?
  3. Where will you allocate your study time across various test sections and types of study activities?

Ignoring these questions can lead you down a maze of suboptimal paths, leaving you frustrated, short on time, and far from your target score. In this context, we introduce a groundbreaking tool “The New GMAT Personalized Study Planner” – a product of over 4,000 hours of R&D, designed to guide you through an optimal path tailored specifically for you.

Personalized Study Planner for GMAT Focus Edition

Why Do You Need a Study Planner?

Creating a study plan is not just about scribbling a list of topics to cover and a set of practice questions to solve. It’s a complex process that requires consideration of several interlinked variables such as starting score, target score, available study time, current abilities in each sections etc. While each student is unique, most confront similar dilemmas, such as:

“Can I reach my desired GMAT score in a month, 45 days, or perhaps two months?”

“How many practice questions should I solve?”

“How many mock tests should I take before the actual exam?”

“What percentage of my study time should go into learning content versus practicing questions?”

The e-GMAT  Personalized Study Planner (PSP), developed based on the collective experiences of thousands of students, addresses these questions head-on. It provides reliable, data-backed answers that can guide you through your entire GMAT preparation process, helping you avoid pitfalls and ensuring you make the most efficient use of your time.

How Does the New Study Planner work ?

Watch this video to learn how our Study Planner works:

A Sneak Peek into the Tool

You can access the tool here and even get a free trial. Whether you’re a new to GMAT with no idea about your starting scores or a re-taker looking for a customized plan, the PSP tool is designed to serve your needs.

Personalized Study Planner

Features of E-GMAT ‘s Personalized Study Planner

From the first day of your GMAT preparation, PSP will give you a clear idea of what your study journey will look like.  Below are some Key features of PSP:

FeatureHow will it help you?
Personalized PlanThe planner takes into consideration your unique needs, taking into account your starting abilities, strengths, weaknesses, target scores, and the time you can invest daily. This ensures a tailored approach, unlike generic plans.
Data-Driven EstimatesProvides reliable estimates for reaching your target GMAT score and duration of study for each subsection.
Realistic Tentative GMAT DateBased on the inputs you get a realistic estimate of when you can take the GMAT. This increases commitment to the study schedule.
Clear and Trackable MilestonesBreaks down your goals into achievable milestones for each section and sub-section, making your prep manageable.
Path Optimization (Logical Sequence and Flexibility)Identifies the most efficient path for you to go from your current score to your target GMAT score, avoiding suboptimal paths, though it allows for customization according to your comfort.
Time Estimates for Each Sub-sectionHelps you decide how much time to spend on each sub-section, both for learning content and for practicing questions.
Automated and PersonalizedGenerates a fully personalized plan in a fraction of the time and cost of consulting with a human expert, saving up to $500 or 10,000 rupees and many hours.
Refine the Plan (if needed)As your preparation progresses, you can update your inputs to refine time and effort estimates.

Conclusion -Personalized Study Planner (PSP) for GMAT Focus Edition

With the launch of the GMAT Focus Edition 2023, the demands of GMAT preparation are changing rapidly. e-GMAT’s Personalized Study Planner is an innovative, data-driven tool designed to help you navigate these changes effectively.

So, as you gear up for the GMAT Focus Edition 2023, say goodbye to guesswork and hello to efficient, effective preparation. With just a click, make your GMAT journey as streamlined and successful as possible. Take that first step today!

With the Personalized Study Planner, you’re not just preparing for an exam; you’re setting yourself up for success in the rapidly evolving business environment that awaits you. Take control of your GMAT journey today!

If you have any queries, please write to us at

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How to create a GMAT Focus Study plan?

You can create your study plan from our Personalized Study planner.

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