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GMAT Data Sufficiency Questions with Solution

GMAT Data Sufficiency Questions with Solution
A 2 min read

There are two types of these new Data Sufficiency questions.

  1. Pure verbal reasoning questions
  2. Verbal reasoning questions that require some quant processing

Click here to read the detailed article on new Data Sufficiency Questions.

1) Official hard question of type 1 – Pure verbal reasoning

Question :

The couple decides one day that they will definitely go to the beach the next evening if it is sunny without rain at the time they plan to go—and that they will definitely not go if such is not the case. The next morning, the hour-by-hour weather forecast says that in the evening, it will be sunny without rain. Will the couple go to the beach that evening?

  • Statement 1 : It is raining in the morning and in the afternoon of the day of their planned beach outing.
  • Statement 2: The couple always believe that the weather forecast is likely to be accurate.


Watch the solution below:

2) Official hard question of type 2 – Verbal reasoning with quant processing


A small library has books on twenty different subjects including, most prominently, history. One afternoon, a librarian arbitrarily picks up 100 books for reshelving from among the books returned that day. All the books returned that day were borrowed during the past three weeks. Are fewer than 20 percent of the books the librarian picks up on history?

  • Statement 1: Fewer than 20 percent of the books in the library are on history.
  • Statement 2 :During the past three weeks, exactly 15 books on history were borrowed from the library.


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