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GMAT Reading Comprehension – Video Lesson

A 2 min read

If you’re wondering how to master GMAT Reading Comprehension, you’ve landed on the right page. At e-GMAT, we conduct Free Webinars every weekend to help the GMAT Aspirants plan and define their preparation. The recording below is that of the Session on “Master GMAT Reading Comprehension”. You can watch the recording or register yourself for the next upcoming webinar on GMAT RC (the same topic).

Watch the recorded session and learn the following:

  1. Reading efficiently: How to apply the reading strategies to read the most challenging passages efficiently.
  2. RC question types: Learn the strategies to ace major question types such as Inference, Detail, Main Point etc.
  3. Avoid major pitfalls: Understand how GMAC introduced score creep in answer choices to confuse you.


Arjun was unable to cross V26 in his last 3 attempts. Learn how he used e-GMAT RC strategies to improve to a V41 in his fourth attempt and received admits from Oxford Said and ISB. Click here to view his video interview.



Master the Process – GMAT RC Preparation & GMAT Success Stories


  • Bhavya improved from a 570(V20) to 730 (V41) in 3 months. Learn how she leveraged “meaning in SC” “Pre-thinking in CR” and “RC reading strategies” to achieve this feat. Click here to watch her interview.


  • Dheeraj (730) mastered our “methodical approach” (3-step process in SC, Pre-thinking in CR, reading strategies in RC) and scored a V38. He compares our process-centric approach to Leonardo’s art. Click here to read his de-brief.



You can be the next to be featured in such Success Stories. What are you waiting for? Sign up for the Free trial and evaluate the course yourself!

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