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e-GMAT hiring process 2022

We know that applying for a position and waiting to hear for the same can be a daunting exercise. Therefore, we have written this blog post to outline our hiring process to provide clarity and (hopefully) reduce some of that anxiety.

At e-GMAT, we value communication. Hence, feel free to reach out to us at careers@e-gmat.com if you still have questions after reading this blog post. Also, check our career’s portal here: e-GMAT Career Portal

Here is the recording of the e-GMAT orientation that took place in January 2022. In this video, Payal discussed and answered queries on all the profiles for which we are hiring.

She also discussed e-GMAT’s culture, and how it has empowered us to organically double our revenue in the last 24 months while increasing our profits by 3X (yes, unlike most startups, we are profitable).

1      Overall hiring process

At e-GMAT, we generally hire for three different levels of positions – Entry and Intermediate, Senior Managers (Senior managers, Directors, etc), and Executives. This blog post addresses the hiring process for the first two roles.

The overall hiring process is outlined in 5/6 steps:

  1. Initial application
  2. Screening assignment 1
  3. Screening assignment 2 (optional)
  4. Interview with hiring manager(s)
  5. Interview with founders/executive team (for most positions)
  6. Background check and offer

In addition to this, we also do company orientation a few times every year. We encourage you to attend the same as this is a great opportunity for you to learn about the e-GMAT culture and team.

1.1     Initial application

You can apply for open position on our career portal. We review your resume and if we see potential, we invite you for Screening assignment 1.

1.2     Screening Assignment 1

We send you a take-home assignment. This assignment typically contains a task that you would perform as a part of your job or evaluates core skill(s) needed to do your job. Depending upon the position, this assignment typically takes between 2-8 hours to complete.

These assignments are designed to be domain neutral; you should not need any prior knowledge of workings of the test prep industry or e-GMAT to finish the same. Note, if you are not excited to do the assignment, you will likely not enjoy this job.

We evaluate each assignment independent of your background or years of experience. Each assignment is evaluated on multiple parameters. We value the time you invest in submitting these assignments. Most assignments are reviewed by multiple evaluators, typically within a week of submission (if not sooner).

If you meet a certain threshold, you get invited to Screening assignment 2 or to an interview with the hiring managers. Even when you don’t meet the threshold, we do let you know. Either way, you hear from us.

1.3     Screening Assignment 2 (optional for some positions)

The purpose of screening assignment 2 is similar to that of screening assignment 1 – we evaluate you on a task that you will perform as a part of your job or on particular core skill(s). As was with assignment 1, assignment 2 is evaluated independently of your background.

In some cases, we may conduct assignment 2 on site. If we choose to do so, we would typically schedule the same on weekends and notify you at least one week in advance.

1.4     Interview with hiring manager (Zoom/On Site)

After you meet the threshold in the screening assignment(s), we invite you for a Zoom call. These calls last up to 1 hour. It is a great way for us to gauge your fit for the role and for you to evaluate whether e-GMAT is the right next step for you.

This interview is typically around your assignments and your work experience. So do read up on the same. We do read up on you and expect you to do the same.

This is also a great opportunity for you to ask questions about the role, career growth, and any other question that you may have. Note, we typically get back to you within a week or less (most people hear within 2 days)

1.5     Interview with founders/Executive team (Zoom/On Site)

Once your candidacy is recommended by the hiring managers, we schedule an interview with the executive team. The main purpose of this interview is to evaluate a cultural fit with e-GMAT values.  This is also an opportunity for you to get your questions addressed by the founders.

Note, you typically hear from us within 48 hours once you interview with the executive team.

1.6     Overall Process

For most positions, this entire process can take up to 4 weeks. The most time-consuming steps are screening assignments. In certain cases, especially with On-site interviews or with exceptional applicants, we have made offers in a matter of weeks.

We hope this blog post helps you understand our hiring process. We recommend that you visit our career portal and attend company orientation to know more about e-GMAT.

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16 thoughts on “e-GMAT hiring process 2022”

  1. Hi! Any idea by when the next set of applicants could hear from you? I have applied for a few positions on 31st January and am keenly looking forward to your response and possibly the assignments. Kindly advise. Thank you.

  2. Looking forward to hear your valuable feedback for the further hiring process as I have already submitted the assignment link received through email.

    Hoping to hear from you soon for further process.

  3. out of 8 bonus points, i believe i have credentials for 7. i also believe i have the right skills and experience for this position.

  4. I haven’t joined the orientation on 14 as I got the revert from the company late. Am I still eligible for the hiring process and if yes when I will hear from your team?

    1. Yes, Nishant. You’re eligible for the hiring process. We have also embedded the recording of the orientation and I think all your queries would be answered from the video.
      Also, you’ll get your assignment within 48 hours of applying. In case you have any further queries please do not hesitate to ask.

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