Vivian improved from 710 to 770 using e-GMAT Verbal Online

Vivian Xiaowei Liu

Hi Vivian. How does it feel to achieve the dream score of 770?
Feels wonderful. Although it took me quite a bit of effort to achieve this score, its worth every bit and will help me in securing a good admit.
That’s wonderful. Can you tell us a bit about your preparation before you enrolled with e-GMAT?
Before joining e-GMAT, I attempted the GMAT four times with scores of 630, 700, 720 and 710. I studied all the materials available and put in hundreds of hours into my preparation, but still couldn’t improve further.
What made you change your mind about your preparation strategy?
When I couldn’t achieve my target score in my fourth attempt too, I realized that acing the GMAT not only requires hardwork but also requires a proper preparation strategy.  I took a chance with e-gmat and bought the verbal online course. Given the fact that I got big fellowship from a top 15 school, I believe the two hundred dollars is probably the best investment I’ve made so far.
How did e-GMAT help you with your preparation?
The meaning-focused approach prescribed by e-GMAT worked very well for me and I thought it was the most logical way to tackle SC questions. This approach also improved my comprehension skills required for CR and RC as well. I cannot think of any better way to prepare for SC section.
Good to hear that. Did you do anything different regarding your approach towards the exam?
e-GMAT’s free webinars on GMAT Preparation Strategy are priceless! I say so because even if a test taker is proficient in every individual section, he/she may still not be able to achieve his/her best when all three types of questions are mixed together. Moreover, the GMAT is computer adaptive. The webinars addressed so many such useful aspects and equipped me with the right tools to create my own preparation strategy. There’s just so much useful information provided in those webinars.
Thank you for the appreciation, Vivian. We wish you all the very best for your future endeavors.
Thank you e-GMAT. You helped me raise my score from 710 to 770.