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Verbal Live Prep has helped more than 10,000+ students ace GMAT Verbal. In fact, Verbal Live Prep is the world’s most immersive classroom and is 4X more interactive than a normal classroom.
“I felt confident and was able to eliminate wrong answers on valid grounds, and this helped me improve my GMAT score to V38 (from V28)”
Dharam Sethi, GMAT 750
“Live Sessions of VLP course are absolute GOLD! I owe my confidence in Verbal to this wonderful course”
Sowmya Shrey, GMAT 760
“Live Sessions complement the online course and motivate you to aim for that next level of performance.. no score seems out of reach”
Shiva Ramachandran, GMAT 720

Verbal Live Prep

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“Without a doubt, the reason for my verbal score improvement.”
GMAT Score:
Score improvement:
210 points
Final Score:
Q49, V35
Stuck in 500s

Hi Adam. You have seen a dramatic improvement in your GMAT score in this attempt. What happened in the first two attempts?
Before e-GMAT, I scored a 490 and a 530 on my previous attempts with a verbal score of 26, and I was devastated. I had used MGMAT’s full book series for the first attempt and added in Magoosh’s online prep for the second. After recovering from the results, I decided I would take the GMAT one last time. However, I was really in need of the right approach and methodology to tackle the GMAT.
As a native speaker, what prompted you to opt for e-GMAT?
Initially, I wasn’t sure whether e-GMAT works for me as I am a native speaker. However, after a bit more of research, I decided to go through their free trial and attend their free webinars. I realized that their teaching methodology works for anyone struggling with verbal in general. I immediately subscribed to their Verbal Live Prep course.
How did the approach at e-GMAT help you in your preparation? Is there anything specific that you followed in your preparation?
The approach and methodologies used to learn the concepts and solve the questions are without a doubt the reason for my verbal improvement. To get the most out of the live sessions, I made sure to complete the pre-requisites for the session so that the instructor can help you identify and address your true weaknesses. Speaking from experience, I can confidently say that live feedback such as this can really benefit your overall prep.
What aspects of the course helped in your preparation?
The course is carefully designed to help inculcate concepts, track progress and learn the application. This helps the learner to ensure progressive learning.
Can you give an example?
For example, at the end of each concept you are given a quiz. The quiz is not just a bunch of GMAT-like questions. It is a specialized quiz to reinforce what you have just learned. This is just one example. The course has been very well-designed keeping the average test taker in mind.
How much improvement did you see from the course?
I noticed a sharp spike in my verbal accuracy after completing this course and eventually, I scored a 700 with a V35 – a 9-point Verbal score improvement.I would strongly recommend the Verbal Live Prep course for anyone seeking an increase, big or small, in verbal score.
What advice would you give to your fellow GMAT aspirants?
Do not be afraid to go through all the verbal concepts more than once, if you feel the need to do so. Use the video concepts and recordings as many times as needed! Everyone has specific needs for effective preparation. For me, I needed interaction, videos, and hands on learning content, and Verbal Live Prep is the go-to course for these.

“e-GMAT VLP helped me excel”
Name: Nikhil Minotra
GMAT Score:
Score improvement:
180 points
Final Score:
Q48, V38
Looking for a structured approach

Hi Nikhil. Can you tell us a bit about your GMAT Preparation?
This is my third attempt. In my first two attempts, I scored a 530 and a 630 respectively after using many study resources.
How did you prepare in your first two attempts?
I have studied pretty much every book and resource that was available including the Official guides and the Manhattan books for my first attempt. I was also scoring around 680-690 in my mocks. While preparing for my second attempt joined the Kaplan (Chopra’s) course in hopes that I would learn something only to realize that it is of no use to me.
What were the issues you faced with your preparation in your first two attempts?
I assumed that my Quant would be decent since I was from an engineering background. However, I quickly realized that I am facing lot of issues with Quant and Verbal both. Added to that the fact that my preparation wasn’t methodical. I ended up with a 530 and 630 in my initial attempts.
How much difference did you perceive between your mock experience and your first GMAT experience?
I have felt a lot of difference. Very soon after I entered the examination hall, I realized that I haven’t replicated the test experience properly in my mocks. I have never been a nervous person, but during my first GMAT attempt, my palms became all sweaty and I experienced a nervous and anxious feeling I have never experienced before.
What according to you went wrong with your preparation for the first two attempts?
I just focused on reading more and more material and gave lots of mocks without thinking about what are the actual issues that need to be addressed and how to do a analysis of my performance. In fact, I have given around 15 mocks for my second attempt! Trust me, giving tons of mocks is not at all necessary. What I realized is that I need to be aware of where I am in my preparation and that is what is crucial if I have to put my efforts in the right direction and reach my target score.
What did you do after your first two attempts?
Frankly after the first two attempts, I lost confidence in myself and almost decided to give up on the GMAT. After sometime, I wanted to see if anybody would take the GMAT three times. So, I started browsing GMAT Club and found plenty of people similar to me who failed initially but eventually succeeded on the GMAT.
Why didn’t you use GMAT Club during your first two attempts to read up about how people prepare?
Actually, during my first two attempts, I distanced myself from forums and online discussions since I already had a couple of friends who were preparing for the GMAT. Also, I never considered that I need help in any section. So, I never got around to doing any online research. After my first two attempts, I realized that I needed to do a realistic self-evaluation.
How did you come across e-GMAT?
I came across e-GMAT on GMAT Club while researching on the available prep courses. I attended a free SC webinar hosted by Payal. I was totally impressed by the approach advocated in the session. I have never seen anyone illustrate such a methodical approach and solve SC questions with such a logical approach without involving too much of grammar.
The webinar made me realize that till then I had been marking answers without concrete reasoning. Then I researched a bit more about e-GMAT and saw that e-GMAT has amazing reviews. So, I immediately availed an ongoing offer and enrolled for VLP without a second thought.
What did you like while studying using Verbal Live Prep?
A number of aspects of the course were very helpful. The provided study plan was helpful in planning my preparation properly and in keeping track of the same. The methodical approach combined with the audio visual concepts helped me gain a much better conceptual clarity and application skills. The live sessions then helped me take my ability to the next level and got me ready for the GMAT. In short, e-GMAT helped me excel.
Thank you for your kind words, Nikhil. Wish you all the best for your future endeavours.
Thank you too e-GMAT team.

“The course methodology is far superior to any simple tips or tricks.”
Name: Yendru Narendra
GMAT Score:
First Attempt:
Final Score:
Q50, V37
Needed help in Verbal

What made you take the Verbal Live Prep course?
I took the e-GMAT VLP course with the intention of learning GMAT specific tips and tricks to crack the verbal component. However, soon, I realized that the course methodology is far above the simple tricks and is much more focused on building a test taker’s confidence and ability to tackle any verbal question.
How did e-GMAT aid your preparation?
eGMAT verbal not only gives you a comprehensive understanding of the aspects tested on the GMAT but also provides you a structured approach to tackle any surprise that the GMAT can throw. This I feel is a differentiating factor from other courses. I can guarantee you that if you follow the course structure as it is prescribed, you will be sure to achieve your target score.
How was your test day experience?
On the day of my exam, I was down with fever and was feeling miserable. However, I still managed to score a 720 with a V37. The diligent application of the process is what saved me, I believe.
Amazing that you were able to score a 720 while down with a fever. Would you like to say anything to your fellow test-takers?
VLP is the best verbal course for non-natives and one of the best courses for anyone in general. You will not regret it for sure.
Thank you Narendra! Wish you luck for your future endeavors.
Thank you e-GMAT team. You guys rock!

“Verbal preparation is incomplete without e-GMAT Verbal Live Prep.”
Name: Sumeet Vatsa
GMAT Score:
Score improvement:
60 points
Final Score:
Q50, V39
Needed help in Verbal

Hi Sumeet. Congratulations on scoring a 730.
Thank you, e-GMAT team.
How was your preparation before e-GMAT?
I have studied from MGMAT SC guide extensively for my previous attempt. However, I could not fill the conceptual gaps and ended up with a V33 – much below my target score.
What aspects of the e-GMAT course, according to you, made the difference in your preparation?
Multiple aspects of the course such as the rich content, well placed examples, the amazing audio-visual lessons, the application files, and the coverage of concepts, etc. played crucial role in my scoring a V39 in my next attempt!
Glad the course helped you, Sumeet. Would you like to add anything else for your fellow test takers?
I give majority of credit to e-GMAT for my verbal score jump from 67%ile to 88%ile – for non-natives, verbal preparation is incomplete without e-GMAT Verbal Live Prep.
Thank you, Sumeet. Wish you all the best for your future endeavors.
Thank you e-GMAT. Wish you all the best too!

“Strictly applied the strategies learned at e-GMAT”
Name: Sourav Debnath
GMAT Score:
Score improvement:
170 points
Final Score:
Q49, V40
Needed help in Verbal

Hi Sourav. Congratulations on scoring 710. How does it feel to reach your target score?
Feels great, I must say.
How did e-GMAT help you?
After I subscribed to e-GMAT course I realized my shortfalls in my verbal strategy. I got everything I needed to crack SC and RC.
What aspects of the course helped you in the Verbal section?
Knowledge of sentence structure and attacking SC question by splitting the clauses was the key in improving on SC. The RC strategy too worked very well for me. Needless to say, pre-thinking was the key to my success in CR.
Glad to know that the course helped you Sourav. Is there anything else that you’d like to add?
A ton of thanks to the ace teachers of e-GMAT (Rajat, Payal & Shraddha)! I fully attribute my verbal success – V23 to V40 – to e-GMAT.
Thank you for your words, Sourav. Wish you all the best for your future endeavours.
Thank you team e-GMAT.

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