Bhagawat Rawat

GMAT Score - 750 (Q50, V41)

People say it’s no magic to score well on GMAT and you need to work hard. I say, what you at e-GMAT do is pure MAGIC!


e-GMAT Verbal Live Prep course helped me jump from 630 (V28) to 750 (V41).


I must confess here, the live prep course taught the concepts in such a way that was unimaginable for me. I could feel the difference in my preparation, could feel the clarity coming in my mind. The 3-step process for SC is a sure shot way to get questions correct. I applied this strategy to all my questions and did it blindly.


I must must must thank Shraddha and Payal for the excellent sessions, take a bow both of you. The most important point which I would like to mention is that you guys made the difficult terms made so easy to understand (no one in this world would teach using terms such as verb-ed modifiers, verb-ing modifiers, noun+noun modifiers etc). All the appositives, gerunds, reflexives and infinitives can take a toss in front of your methodology. Though I must not say this, I felt like throwing the Manhattan and Kaplan books in thrash (they have nothing like what you guys teach). With each session, my confidence grew and so did my accuracy. I took a white board and wrote 750 on it (I had not only upped my target by 50 points but also set a very specific target-instead of last time’s open ended 700+).


Rajat’s CR sessions were superb and the concept of pre-thinking is absolutely a gold mine. The negation test and variance analysis actually helped me during my exam. I could get an accuracy of 88% on the OG12 SC section and 94% on CR section (and as advised by you, I tracked my mistakes, analyzed every wrong choice as to why it was wrong, followed the 3-step process blindly, in short did everything you guys told me to do).


My prep went on; I devoted some time on quant to reach 50 in quant.


The icing on the cake was the two amazing workshops  which you conducted for the first time. I am GLAD you did that. They gave a real insight about my preparation trajectory and highlighted the areas i had to improve.



One day prior to the exam I took out the notes which i had prepared the last time and I was SHOCKED that they had nothing which I had learned in the past one month – such is the strength of the live prep course. In my March attempt I had taken a week off from office to focus on my prep but this time I took no leaves (we have Saturday working). In fact, I never felt like taking a leave because of the clarity in concepts. It is absolutely essential to develop a solving methodology which works for you 90% of the time and to stick to it. And you guys gave me exactly the same.


One thing I would urge the e-GMAT team to do is – remove the 4 points guarantee from your course – it’s an INSULT to your course.  I agree it’s a great marketing strategy, but I know very well that no one would want the money back once they go through your course. Even if I had not improved by 4 points, I would have not wanted my money back as the learning is worth more than just GMAT points.


And I would urge all the GMAT takers to take e-GMAT course. I have already advised 4 of my friends and my sister to join your course!

Neel Sendas

GMAT Score - 730 (Q48, V44)

e-GMAT was a big contributer to this significant 13-point increase in my verbal score from V31 to V44!


Your SC live sessions helped me a lot. Like most others, I was one of the rebellious ones who had doubts about the approach e-GMAT suggested. I was concerned that the approach will take lot of time. But once I got used to the 3-step method, I could complete the answers in less than 2 minutes – as you have been saying all along.


Likewise, I absolutely loved the RC lessons. The detailed analysis of all the answer choices, including the wrong answer choice patterns was a GREAT help. Just so you know, I have tired both Veritas and Manhattan course, the two most expensive and supposedly the best courses available but didn’t get the score I expected. Ultimately, help came from e-GMAT!!


One thing is for sure, e-gmat’s RC course is one of the best we have in the market at the moment.

Kavya Madireddi

GMAT Score - 730 (Q50, V39)

I used to think of e-GMAT process as lengthy and time consuming, but the same process helped me improve from 680(V32) to 730(V39)!


e-GMAT strengthened my foundation for SC and CR, boosted my confidence levels, and helped me increase my score from 680(Q49, V32) to 730(Q50, V39). In August I took e-GMAT Verbal Online and practiced it daily, even till the last 1 hour of my test.


I used to think of e-GMAT process as lengthy and time consuming, but the same process helped me in getting a better score. Practicing e-GMAT’s process more helped me in improving my hit rate. The number of correct answers increased as I started using their concepts and methods. Their stress on giving importance to meaning of the sentence in SC questions, breaking the argument in CR questions, pre-thinking,forming a logical structure etc really helped in the process of elimination.


The way they divided the whole SC and CR into small concepts is very good. It helps you to find out your weak areas and improve on it before moving to the next concept. The audio was very good. Audio worked wonders for me. I used to re-listen to all the concepts which helped in strengthening the concept more.


Their way of explaining the solution to all the quiz questions was very good because analyzing the question and answer choices is the best way to know the process of solving the questions.


I scored 730(Q50,V39) in October ’11 after taking e-GMAT course. I am happy, elated, and proud to be a student of e-GMAT, which helped me so much in achieving my goal. Thank you e-GMAT!

Artem Avanesyan

GMAT Score - 720 (Q49, V40)

I scored a 720 on the GMAT. My verbal score increased from 32 to 40), much of that is thanks to e-GMAT course. The meaning centric approach and pre-thinking were instrumental in my score improvement!

Maximiliano Menis

GMAT Score - 690

50 point improvement in a month.


Yesterday I took the GMAT for the first time since I took e-GMAT course. I improved my verbal score by 5 points (scaled score) and maintained my maths score. This allowed me to improve from 640 to 690. I’m really happy with the score and I just wanted to thank you for offering the course. I definitely think that Verbal Live Prep was the key for improving my score.