Made my concepts crystal clear

Satish Vishnubhatla

GMAT Score - 750 (Q50, V41)

The CORE SKILLS that I learned from e-GMAT helped me improve from V27 to V41!

After the debacle during my first attempt, I decided to give e-GMAT a chance. After I listened to the free videos on their website, I was immediately very impressed. Their focus on building the core skills in non-native English speakers makes e-GMAT different from other test prep companies. After going through the basic, intermediate and advanced sentence correction sessions of the e-GMAT course, I was very convinced that they got it right! I religiously followed the e-GMAT three-step process in solving each of the sentence correction questions and I immediately started seeing results. I was able to breakdown complex sentences into smaller, more manageable parts and understand the intended meaning much better. This process not only helped me in sentence correction, but I started to notice that I was now able to do much better at CR and RC as well because I started to understand the meaning of complex and tortuous sentences.

Abhishek Kumar

GMAT Score - 750 (Q51, V40)

If you are a non-native, please take this course.

Let me tell you that at the start of my preparation, I didn't even know that the verb in the sentence "I was planning to cancel my trip" is "was planning". For me an year back, the "verb" that I would have guessed was "cancel". e-GMAT helped me build my basics. I hated language a lot, as my English was extremely poor but not anymore. In fact I still remember waking up every Saturday and Sunday morning to attend the e-GMAT classes. Best thing about those classes was that they were very personalized and facilitated individualized attention for everyone. They were just like classrooms: online and with advanced technology.

Arun Goenka

GMAT Score - 760 (Q51, V41)

e-GMAT course makes the verbal section much more logical and understandable!

Within a few weeks of preparation, my accuracy improved from 50% to 85+%. This course removed much of guesswork that I used earlier. Prior to using e-GMAT, I used Manhattan and Kaplan materials for verbal preparation but these materials did not help in improving my score beyond 36. I found the e-GMAT's audio-visual method along with pre and post tests after each concept are much more helpful than just reading books. This course helped me in pushing my verbal score from 35 (mock) to 41 in the GMAT. I targeted for 100% accuracy in SC to achieve higher score in this section, and e-GMAT was helpful in pushing towards my goal.


Exposed areas of my strengths and weaknesses

Bhagawat Rawat

GMAT Score - 750 (Q50, V41)

People say it’s no magic to score well on GMAT and you need to work hard. I say, what you at e-GMAT do is pure MAGIC!

e-GMAT Verbal Live Prep course helped me jump from 630 (V28) to 750 (V41). I must confess here, the live prep course taught the concepts in such a way that was unimaginable for me. I could feel the difference in my preparation, could feel the clarity coming in my mind. The 3-step process for SC is a sure shot way to get questions correct. The most important point which i would like to mention is that you guys made the difficult terms made so easy to understand (no one in this world would teach using terms such as verb-ed modifiers, verb-ing modifiers, noun+noun modifiers etc). All the appositives, gerunds, reflexives and infinitives can take a toss in front of your methodology. With each session, my confidence grew and so did my accuracy. Rajat's CR sessions were superb and the concept of pre-thinking is absolutely a gold mine. The negation test and variance analysis actually helped me during my exam. The icing on the cake were the two amazing workshops which you conducted for the first time. I am GLAD you did that. They gave a real insight about my preparation trajectory and highlighted the areas i had to improve. I could get an accuracy of 88% on the OG12 SC section and 94% on CR section ( and as advised by you, I tracked my mistakes, analyzed every wrong choice as to why it was wrong, followed the 3-step process blindly, in short did everything you guys told me to do).


Made me follow the OPTIMUM Approach to solving Verbal Questions

Neel Sendas

GMAT Score - 730 (Q48, V44)

e-GMAT was a big contributer to this significant 13-point increase in my verbal score from V31 to V44!

Your SC live sessions helped me a lot. Like most others, I was one of the rebellious ones who had doubts about the approach e-GMAT suggested. I was concerned that the approach will take lot of time. But once I got used to the 3-step method, I could complete the answers in less than 2 minutes - as you have been saying all along. Likewise, I absolutely love the RC lessons. The detailed analysis of all the answer choices, including the wrong answer choice patterns was a GREAT help. Just so you know, I have tried both Veritas and Manhattan courses, the two most expensive and supposedly the best courses available but didn't get the score I expected. Ultimately, help came from e-GMAT!! One thing is for sure, e-gmat's RC course is one of the best we have in the market at the moment.

Chander Sharma

GMAT Score - 730 (Q50, V38)

A tough journey - from 520 (with MGMAT Classroom course) to 730 with e-GMAT SC course!

In my second attempt, I prepared for my weak section using e-GMAT SC course. In my first attempt, MGMAT taught me to focus more on key words rather than meaning. I think their approach made it worse for me and I did so bad in SC. Thanks e-GMAT course for helping me!


Guided me on how to prepare for the GMAT

Sandeep Ramesh

GMAT Score - 720 (Q48, V41)

The course that helped me improve from 25 percentile to 93 percentile!

Verbal Live Prep helped me improve from 580 (V21) to 720 (V41). I never believed I would score above 40 in verbal , especially after my abysmal first attempt. When I took my first GMAT , I never really understood why I was selecting a right answer. But after going through e-gmat sessions, I started to understand why right answer is right and wrong is wrong. The other attractive thing about e-gmat process is that it does not follow any shortcuts to arrive at right answers. The course rather follows an excellent systematic process. Answering questions using this process is truly enjoyable. I know I am not the first person nor will I be the last to say that we - e-gmat students - are grateful for every thing that you guys have put into the course. You guys are doing awesome and please continue with what you are doing for it gives us , non natives , the hope that we really need to crack GMAT.

Gautam Singha

GMAT Score - 720 (Q48, V41)

e-GMAT course and process played a crucial role in improving my score from V30 to V41.

I bought Verbal Live Add On from e-GMAT, incredible resource especially for working professional. I could only study for 45 to 60 mins a day, so I prepared my own strategy based on e-GMAT strategy sessions and followed it using e-GMAT Verbal Online and Add-On. I loved the well-structured course. The audio-visual format is a great time saver for working professionals. The live prep sessions were very lively and detail oriented. I diligently followed the e-GMAT process, specially for RC. I took time to understand the passage and map the passage - rest was easy! After finishing the course, I joined the strategy 2 session of e-GMAT and understood the concept of TAKT TIME and started implementing it in my mocks. Thank you e-GMAT!