Instilled the much needed confidence and belief in my abilities

Priyanka Kohli

GMAT Score - 730 (Q50, V39)

After the course, I felt confident not only about cracking the GMAT, but also about writing much better English.

There was a time when I felt I was poor at SC, but after following the e-GMAT tutorials and tests, I became an expert. After the completion of the course, I was able to easily solve most of the questions from any famous GMAT prep book

Sourav Debnath

GMAT Score - 710 (Q49, V40)

From 540 to 710 - strictly by applying strategies learned through e-GMAT!

I fully attribute my verbal success - V23 to V40 - to e-GMAT. After I subscribed to e-GMAT course I realized my shortfalls in my verbal strategy. A ton of thanks to the ace teachers of e-GMAT (Rajat, Payal & Shraddha)! I got everything I needed to crack SC and RC (the RC strategy worked very well with me). Knowledge of sentence structure & attacking SC question by splitting the clauses was the key in improving on SC.

Vijay Kumar

GMAT Score - 710 (Q49, V39)

In my 4th attempt, I improved Verbal from 23 to 39. Thanks a lot for e-GMAT Verbal Live Prep course!

After 3 failed attempts at GMAT (570, 590, 600) and Rs. 1,00,000 down the drain, in my 4th attempt after preparing with e-GMAT Verbal Live Prep, I felt confident that I could get a good score. Thanks to e-GMAT, I improved my score by 110 points. I recommend all the non-native speakers, who are weak in verbal, to join e-GMAT because the course teaches concepts in a structured way designed for the non-native speakers to do well in verbal.


Exposed gaps in my understanding

Sumeet Vatsa

GMAT Score - 730 (Q50, V39)

I give majority of credit to e-GMAT for my verbal score jump from 67%ile to 88%ile - for non-natives, verbal preparation is incomplete without e-GMAT Verbal Live Prep.

Even after going through the MGMAT SC extensively, I could not fill in those conceptual gaps. But with e-GMAT it was absolutely amazing. The rich content well documented with examples, the amazing audio-visual lessons, the application files, and the coverage of concepts, etc. helped me score a 39 in verbal, a jump of 6 points over my previous failed attempt.

Abhishek Samanta

GMAT Score - 760 (Q51, V41)

Verbal Online is amazing. Quite simple, yet complete and effective - responsible for my verbal score improvement from V34 to V41.

I am deeply indebted to e-GMAT course for laying the very foundation of verbal. Quant was quite manageable, but verbal was pulling my score down. After e-GMAT course, I got the much needed confidence.


Provided a sure-shot way of approaching Verbal Questions

Kavya Madireddi

GMAT Score - 730 (Q50, V39)

I used to think of e-GMAT process as lengthy and time consuming, but the same process helped me improve from 680(V32) to 730(V39)!

The stress on importance to meaning of the sentence in SC questions, breaking the argument in CR questions, pre-thinking, and forming a logical structure really helped in the process of elimination. I used to re-listen to all the concepts, an activity that helped in strengthening the concept more.

Murali Manohar

GMAT Score - 700 (Q48, V37)

e-GMAT Verbal Live Course showed me the logical procedures to answer verbal questions

Logic as taught by e-GMAT came to rescue, taking me from V31 to V37. In my second attempt, verbal was not an up-hill task for me because I used the e-GMAT Verbal Live course, which showed me these logical procedures to answer the Verbal questions. I learned to better eliminate the incorrect answer choices through e-GMAT’s CR Course. I religiously followed the pre-thinking process as taught and improved in my timing to answer CR questions. Per e-GMAT process, the passage summaries at various stages of reading the passage prove enough to answer the questions correctly. This helped me a lot as I was always struggling with RC.