Changed how I handled verbal questions

Rohit Nair

GMAT Score - 730 (Q50, V39)

In less than 4 days, I noticed a considerable improvement in my accuracy while attempting the OG '13 questions.

I can't thank the e-GMAT course enough. The CR course really helped get my thought process right and fixed my CR basics problem. I could analyze that I made 70% of my mistakes in the Weaken and Inference CR questions and I dedicated my CR preparation to these particular modules. Furthermore, after finishing just 2 levels of SC course, my verbal score jumped by around 5 points and the number of SC mistakes per mock test dropped from 8 per test to less than 4 per test. Lastly, the Integrated Reasoning section of e-GMAT is extremely detailed and covers a large number of problems of varied types. Overall, I would highly recommend the e-GMAT course to EVERY non-native. It's a great investment for a high verbal score.


GMAT Score - 700 (Q49, V36)

Using e-GMAT approach in 10 days, I was able to solve most of the SC questions within 1 minute.

Thanks e-GMAT for improving my verbal score from 27 to 36 in less than 10 days. This was my 4th attempt and just 2 weeks before my GMAT, I registered for SC course of e-GMAT. I completed the concepts in 5 days and then worked on advanced questions and UGE files. I strictly followed the e-gmat process for getting maximum results out of the course. Within 3 days, i was able to observe a drastic change in my way of approach to SC questions. Using this approach, i was able to solve most of the SC questions within a minute. I used the excess time for solving CR and RC passages.

Another major advantage that i found useful was that audio visual files in the e-gmat course give you a clear picture of the concept and the concept directly sits in your mind whereas in MGMAT strategy guides, all the areas are on the same level and the concepts are not supported by enough examples as most of the examples seem to be pretty easy and not actual GMAT like questions.


Helped me convert my weakness into my strength

Rishi Nag

GMAT Score - 740 (Q50, V40)

e-GMAT SC is clearly a gold-mine for GMAT SC that helped me improve from V28 to V40 in 30 days!

In my 2nd attempt, I did nothing but e-GMAT course along with OG and OG Verbal Review. Sentence Correction was the biggest problem area for me; although I had completed MGMAT Sentence Correction guide numerous times, I could not score above V28 in my first attempt. I then joined the e-GMAT SC and was amazed to see my verbal score improve from V28 to V40 in less than 30 days. This course was the key for my 740 score.

Chinmay Adhvaryu

GMAT Score - 700 (Q48, V38)

In 22 days I went from 34 (in last 3 attempts) to 38 in my fourth attempt by using e-GMAT SC and CR courses!

I signed up for e-GMAT courses to work on my weak areas – primarily CR and verbs in SC. As such my SC & RC sections were decently strong, but I wasn’t able to take advantage of these strengths because of my weakness in CR questions. I really liked the material. It has clearly defined modules that really helped to focus on just the weak parts and save plenty of time. The videos are short enough that you can go over them and quickly check your knowledge wherever you want. Essentially if you have a busy job schedule, this is a perfect course for you. It doesn’t matter if you are a native speaker or not. If you want to increase your verbal score at least by 4 points you should seriously consider this course. I found this to be the best impact course out there. Thanks once again for your hard work and excellent course design.

Nikolay Kovarski

GMAT Score - 680 (Q45, V38)

While Knewton and MGMAT tutoring could not help improve beyond V33, e-GMAT Verbal Online helped me score V38 in less than a month.

Thank you for your brilliant materials and excellent method you use to teach SC and CR. I absolutely loved the explanations through pictures and structures and I found e-GMAT approach much more comprehensive. I was really surprised to find A LOT OF new material about SC even after I had read SC MGMAT at least 3 times and thought that I knew everything about grammar. e-GMAT SC course explained in detail not just rules but the exact rules that are tested on GMAT and gives very precise and comprehensive explanation of OG12 questions. After the course I didn't have any questions that I could not understand in SC. My verbal score improvement from V33 to V38 was possible only because of excellent materials of e-GMAT.


Made learning easier and more enjoyable

Ayesha Sheth

GMAT Score - 610 (Q40, V34)

You retain more when you see and hear something than when you just read.

After 3 failed attempts (480, 400, 490), I owe my success in verbal to e-GMAT course. The course videos are just too good. For the first time I was able to look at the question know what’s wrong and mark the answer straight away. This saved a lot of time. It basically showed me how to find the mistakes and how to correct them without even looking at the choices. In RC I particularly learned how to take notes, what kind of answers can be for the questions asked, and again how to pay attention to each and every word in the choices.

Nishant Sahni

GMAT Score - 690 (Q48, V34)

From 28 to 34 in 10 days with e-GMAT SC course!

I studied SC course just 10 days before my exam and it was amazing. Concepts were explained like teaching kids at elementary level, so they are hard coded in your memory. e-GMAT approach to tackle the questions is awesome, and with practice speed increases too once you get used to the approach. Had I worked on CR study material, then I would have scored much more.