Sumeet Vatsa

GMAT Score - 730 (Q50, V39)

I give majority of credit to e-GMAT for my verbal score jump from 67%ile to 88%ile - for non-natives, verbal preparation is incomplete without e-GMAT Verbal Live Prep.

Even after going through the MGMAT SC extensively, I could not fill in those conceptual gaps. But with e-GMAT it was absolutely amazing. The rich content well documented with examples, the amazing audio-visual lessons, the application files, and the coverage of concepts, etc. helped me score a 39 in verbal, a jump of 6 points over my previous failed attempt.

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Manjunathan Kumar

GMAT Score - 750 (Q50, V41)

I was hooked on to learning verbal as soon as soon as I joined e-GMAT.

This course challenged me to much more than Manhattan GMAT's $1500 Classroom course did. My struggles with Critical Reasoning questions subsided after I attended the Prethinking session. I started "engaging" with instead of "reading" the arguments. The quality of questions in Verbal Workshop were amazing. They exposed not only my weaknesses but also the areas where my approach needed refinement.

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Jaichandra Reddy

GMAT Score - 720 (Q49, V39)

I was no longer confused between two answer choices.

I saw a huge improvement in Sentence Correction and Critical Reasoning. The Verbal Live Prep course instilled a very logical process to attack Sentence Correction and Critical Reasoning questions. After going through the course, not only were my concepts clear but I also had a very clear strategy to approach each and every question type. Prior to the course I would use POE to select the answer that seemed correct to me. But after going through the course, I just arrived at the actual correct answer. I was no longer confused between two answer choices.

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