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You deserve the best and that’s why we hire, train, and retain the best. 4 out of GMAT Club’s 5 top rated instructors work for e-GMAT.
Top 5 GMAT Instructors
GMAT Club's Top Rated Instructor Rajat Sadana of e-GMAT

Rajat Sadana

GMAT Club's Top Rated Instructor Payal Tandon of e-GMAT

Payal Tandon

GMAT Club's Top Rated Instructor Shraddha Jaiswal of e-GMAT

Shraddha Jaiswal

GMAT Club's Top Rated Instructor Krishna Chaitanya of e-GMAT

Krishna Chaitanya

Ravi Sreerama

4 out of Top 5
GMAT Instructors are from e-GMAT

Leaders in their Fields

All our instructors, leaders in their fields, are also the creators of
e-GMAT courses. We believe no one can explain the concepts better than the creators themselves.

Full Time Commitment

We are the only company that hires full-time instructors and ensures that they are completely dedicated to creating, enhancing, and supporting our offerings.

4 out of
Top 5 Instructors

On GMAT Club, students review various instructors on the basis of their teaching quality. Out of the 5 top rated instructors on GMAT Club, 4 are e-GMAT instructors!
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“Cares About My Success”
The approach of instructors to
teach the concepts and methods to solve the questions are without a doubt the reason for my verbal improvement. I felt like I am in a classroom during live sessions.
Adam Livak

“Amazing Analytics”
Scholaranium is a must-have tool for any GMAT aspirant. Scholaranium kept me on the ground by throwing quite a few challenging problems – especially helpful for anyone targeting a Q50 or Q51.

“Responsive Support”
The support team is very responsive and e-GMAT also provided strategy support to students when they need it. After my first attempt, I reached out to e-GMAT seeking guidance. I received a spread sheet in return seeking my scores in their course quizzes. This process acted as a real eye opener and I was able to focus on the key areas required to improve and reach my target score.
Prateek Batla



Technology that helps you Succeed

Time is important!! That’s why we built our technology to deliver learning in HD even on the slowest internet connections, to enable you to build a customized study plan, and to empower you to understand your weaknesses!!

Progressive Learning Architecture

The architecture assesses your learning every 15 minutes, giving you feedback in real-time about areas of your preparation that need more attention.

High Definition Video Lessons

Every element of our video lessons is professionally designed with pixel perfect precision to ensure that you are engaged and immersed in learning.

Ability based Assessment Engine

We invented Ability Quizzes that help predict your likely GMAT score even before you take your first mock – providing predictable learning and removing surprises in your mock test.


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Customizable study plans, monthly strategy sessions, doubt clearing by top rated experts, a GMAT planning tool to create that personalized GMAT Plan, and a dedicated team of Customer Success Champions ensure that getting that dream GMAT score is a memorable and enjoyable experience.


Doesn’t matter the stage of preparation in which you are, we have built tools that can help you personalize your study plans.


Need to make sure you are focusing on right areas? Get your ESR analyzed by the best in-house strategy experts.


With the world’s best instructors (not temporary tutors) you will have access to the best repository of GMAT knowledge.


Need insights on how the GMAT works and which metrics to track? Attend our monthly GMAT strategy sessions by Rajat Sadana.


Our dedicated customer success champions will support you throughout your GMAT journey when you face any kind of issue.

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