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Welcome to YourPerfectScore, a self paced learning system for your GMAT Preparations.

e-gmat.com is a wholly owned subsidiary of YourPerfectScore LLC and this agreement governs the terms and conditions for e-gmat.com and e-gmat.net.

The E-GMAT service and forum (referred to as YPS from here on) are operated by YourPerfectScore LLC. By using our website at e-gmat.com or e-gmat.net (referred to as .e-gmat.com. ), you (the .User.) signify that you have read and understood these terms and conditions (.Terms of Use.) and that you agree to be bound by them, regardless of whether or not you are a registered member of e-gmat.com.
YPS reserves the right to change, modify, or delete portions of this Terms of Use at any time without any further notice. Your continued use of e-gmat.com or any other YPS properties constitutes agreement to these changes.


1. Use of the YourPerfectScore Service

To use YPS service, you should be 13 years of age or older. Any registration, use or access to the site by anyone under 13 years of age is a violation of the terms of use. Using this site constitutes a confirmation that you are 13 years of age or older.
To authorized users, YPS grants a terminable non-exclusive, non-transferable license to use the YPS Service solely for your personal, noncommercial, and noncompetitive use. The purpose of the license is to help users prepare for the GMAT. No site content may be modified, distributed, downloaded, posted or sold in any forms or means, either complete or in part, without the prior permission from the Company.

2. User Conduct

YPS offers the service from e-gmat.com to help authorized users improve their score in the GMAT. You agree to use the site as per the terms and conditions listed below:

You agree, as a condition of your registration at YPS to provide accurate registration information including a valid email address, name etc. YPS has the right to terminate your registration without prior notice or issuance of a refund if it has reason to believe that you have misrepresented yourself.
You agree not to disassemble, copy, distribute, resell, loan, share, or reverse engineer any content on YPS. Furthermore, you also shall not translate or prepare derivative works of any of the content on YPS. You also understand that YPS holds the right to terminate your license without any notice if it has reasonable doubt that you intend to or have attempted any of the above.
Users take on full responsibility of the material that they post at e-gmat.com. YPS does not have any obligation to preview, screen, or monitor any content that may be added to e-gmat.com.
Users further agree not to a) harvest or collect email address or contact information of other users on YPS, b) use the service in an unlawful manner that could overburden, damage or disable the site or impair it to a degree, c) upload unlawful, defamatory content or make public any private information such as social security numbers, addresses, or bank account information of individual.

3. Content: Limited License

The content available at YPS including, concepts, lessons, questions, quizzes, audio, videos, images, etc. are the property of YPS. Users are provided a limited license to access the content for a limited period for the sole purpose to help them perform better on the GMAT. This site content may not be modified, downloaded, distributed, reproduced, republished, resold, or displayed in any form, in whole or in part without prior written permission from YPS.

4. Return Policy

YPS shall refund your money in full if you satisfy all the following conditions:
1. File for a refund by writing to support@e-gmat.com within 7 days of your purchase.
2. Have accessed less than 5 concepts in the entire offering. Please note that the concepts offered in the Level 1 Preview do not count towards these 5 concepts.
3. Have attempted less than 40 questions in the User Generated Exercise.

In addition, YPS will refund your money in full if your performance in the diagnostic does not improve. If after 3 attempts in the diagnostic test or the level qualifying exercise, your score does not improve, then it indicates to us that this medium of instruction is not suitable for you.

Please note that YPS is not obligated to issue any refund if you do not meet any of the criteria above.

5. Limited Liability

Although YPS has a rigorous testing process to ensure that all the material posted by YPS and its employees is accurate, it does not guarantee the accuracy of the material. You agree that YPS or its employees shall not be liable for any damage or loss whether direct, indirect, consequential, or incidental that is caused by the services provided by YPS. YPS shall not be held liable for any damages caused by a) the use of or b) the inability to use YPS service. Furthermore, YPS is not liable for a) disclosure of your personal information obtained from e-gmat.com.

6. Indemnification

You agree to indemnify YPS, its officers, employees, contractors, agents, service providers, and partners from losses, expenses, damages resulting from the use of or your association with YPS. You further agree that YPS shall not bear any costs incurred by you, including reasonable attorney fees resulting from any violation of Terms and Conditions of use agreement or privacy policy.

7. Conflict Resolution and Governing Law

This agreement between YPS and you is governed by the laws of state of Arizona. You agree that any dispute, claim, or cause of action related to YPS Terms and Conditions regardless of any statue of law shall be brought to the courts of state of Arizona. You further agree that all claims and disputes shall be filed within 6 months of the claim or cause of action or be forever barred.