Tanay’s Success Story

Tanay improved from 580, 600 to 710, improving his verbal score from V28 to V40 in the process. Watch the interview to learn how he worked on his weaknesses with due diligence and the right strategy.

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34 thoughts on “Tanay interview

  1. Hi Rajat

    I read the above debrief . I would like to say congratulations to Tanay .

    I have appeared for GMAT twice once in 2013 when I scored 500( Q 42 , V 17 ) and second on 23rd July 2014 . In my second attempt I scored 590 ( Q 40 V30 ) . I had prepared very hard when I was giving my second attempt , but I do not understand where I went wrong . I took another date on 10th November 2014 but because some unavoidable family circumstances , I was not able to put my heart and soul back into studies therefore I am not ready for upcoming test . I have digressed from my path . I don’t know how to procced .

    What should I do . I am getting depressed .

  2. Hi Rajat ,

    I have a percentage of 63.3% from Rajasthan Technical University ,which is state university , and I majored in Computer Science Engineering.

    The major has the tough curriculum . At hindsight , I contemplate that If I had taken a simpler major or totally different stream my life and my percentage would have been much better and higher respectively .

    GPA trajectory:
    I started roughly at 68-70% range in freshmen year but once I started to study my major in 3nd year ( fifth semester ) , my percentage crashed moreover I had backs ( however I was working hard hard on subjects which I was finding difficult ) . This continued to my 3rd year ( sixth semester ). In final year I studied even harder and raised the percentage up for the 2 semesters as high as my freshmen percentage.

    I chose my major without doing any research on the subject as at that time I was perhaps naive , young , not as career driven as other kids were probably! . Therefore I was caught in “herd mentality” . All my friends were opting for engineering . I was just anticipating the money I will receive in my job once I graduate the college with that major ( that being one of the reasons among several reasons that are difficult to state in one essay ) . The reason I say this is , after I completed my higher secondary the whole atmosphere around me was such that I could not articulate and assert my life goals not only to my parents but also to myself . As I started to study the courses for the major I realized that I didn’t like the subject at all especially the coding languages such as JAVA , php , .net etc which have been a major nemesis of my life . As a result I lost interest and diverted my full attention to Extracurricular activities for the 2nd and 3rd year.

    What changed for me :
    But in the final year I had some kind of epiphany and realized that I should have worked even-harder on my percentage as the recruitment season started in final year. In the final year I could not appear for my back exam as my back exam clashed with the my mains leaving no option for me but to skip my back paper . As a result my degree got delayed . I found a job by never received a joining letter ( reasons best known to the company )

    In the mean time I was able to get GMAT score of 590 while I was struggling to find job . And to not repeat the mistake of choosing the wrong MBA/MS , I did extensive research on the potential schools and the ST and LT goals of my career .

    In short : My low percentage in undergraduate was because I was getting backs even after studying very hard as a result I lost interest in the course .

  3. Hi Rajat,

    I scored 580 (V 28, Q42) in my first attempt in GMAT. How much time do you think is needed to get from V28 to V40? Considering I am working and can devote 2 hrs daily on weekdays and 5-6 hours on weekend. I am really desperate. Please help. My email id is
    Thanks a ton!!

  4. Dear Abhinav,

    You need help with both Quant and Verbal. I think that you will need about about 100 hours in Verbal and about 60 hours in Quant. Considering that you are putting in about 20 hours per week, you should plan your GMAT in 2-2.5 months. I would recommend that you look at Verbal Online and Quant Live Prep. Take the free trial and see if it suits your learning style. Write to support@e-gmat.com if you have any questions and I would be happy to respond to the same.

  5. Hi Rajat,

    I have been attending all free webinars of egmat and have found them a great help for verbal strategies.Due to financial constraints i could not purchase the course.Anyway, latest scores are Q47 and V33…since i fall into the engineer category my target scores should be approx Q47-48 and V39-40 to get a 700+..I am 4 days away from the date when i give the Gmat…my latest Gmatprep mock says i am at 640…I am really nervous..Any last minute advice that u think u could give me that could make the slightest difference would be really appreciated.
    EMAIL- vsugand@gmail.com

    Thanks a ton !!!!

  6. Hi Rajat,

    I have given gmat twice ..once in 2009 oct ( 580 ) and then second one in 2014 august(550) …then i have been studying for past 1.5 months ..so i intend to gmat in dec 25 th may be and i need to improve my verbal score specially RC …i have the egmat subsrciption but even after i m not getting my verbal scores in mocks , my quant is at 48 but verbal is stuck in early 20 ‘s

  7. Dear Preeti,

    Thank you for being a student. Have you sent your query to support. Before writing, I recommend that you also look at the recording of Strategy Session 2 and estimate your ability in various sections (the SS2 teaches you how to do the same).


    The key to improvement is to understand where you lack. If you are committed, we will help you succeed.

    -Rajat Sadana

  8. Hello Rajat,
    I took GMAT on 9 Nov. 2014.
    During practice; I was scoring above 700 in 800score.com practice tests (Highest 740) and above 690 in Kaplan(Highest 720). But on GMAT I got only 640 (Q48, V29). I was not able to complete all the question in maths and because of that Verbal also suffered. I would like to discuss with you and plan to study to achieve above 750 in GMAT.
    My email id is shashankchhajer@yahoo.in

    Looking forward to talk to you.

    Shashank Chhajer

  9. Hi Rajat,

    I scored 310 (V19, Q17) in my first GMAT attempt, without any preparation. How much time do you think I need to get from 310 to 580-600? Considering I am working and can dedicate 3-4 hrs daily/weekdays and 7-8hours/weekends. I am a doctor who wants to take an MBA course. I didn’t do mathematics for around 25 years. Please help! Thanks a lot!

    1. Dear Angie,

      My estimate would be between 250 and 300 hours. This estimate is conservative since a student starting in 500s needs about 8 hours of effort for every 10 point score improvement. However, since you are starting from a low score, your improvement, especially the initial improvement (300-400) may come much faster.
      I would recommend that you look at starting with either Quant or Verbal – Don’t do both. Do let me know if you are looking for a prep course. Write to me at rajat@e-gmat.com.


      Rajat Sadana

  10. Hi Rajat, I am planning for GMAT in 2015 or 2016 based on the level of preparation, but I’m immensely confused as I have been told the negatives of GMAT like it’s not for middle class family students, this and that, so I’m also looking for CAT. The level of confusion is increasing day by day. Kindly show a light to me. Daily I kill my time thinking what to do or what to not.

    please email me

    1. Dear Ansh,

      Thank you for writing to me. I can assure to that many of our students are just like you – from middle class families – and they have successfully completed their MBAs after taking the GMAT and are very happy with the same.

      While the MBA fee may seem daunting on paper, students who do well on the GMAT and have a decent professional career get a number of scholarships. I had two full fellowships and did not pay a penny for my MBA. One more thing – a majority of the top 50 schools in the world are much better than their respective Indian counter-parts in terms of:
      1. Faculty
      2. Job options (you have to work more to get that job)
      3. The overall MBA experience.
      Bottom line – for most people the MBA is a life changing event. I would not look at MBA from a business standpoint – not as an expense but as a Return on Investment. And I can tell you that for majority of students, the ROI from an MBA in USA/Singapore is much higher than that from an MBA in India. We may schedule a session in this regard since a lot of students seem to have the same concerns.


      Rajat Sadana




    1. Dear Gaurav – We are working to address the questions above. You should be hearing from one of our team members soon. We need to know a list of concerns that we need to address.


      Rajat Sadana

  12. i am scoring 51 in QA consistently in various mocks..is that t max one can score? isnt the total 60? so if sm1 gets only 2-3 wrng, thn also its 51? also i am scoring 33-36 on my verbal…how cn i score around 40-44 in the same? Have 1 month left..

  13. Hi Rajat,

    Really appreciate you answering almost each and every query here and hoping to get one from you for myself.

    I scored a 660(V36, Q44, IR3) in my mock (GMAC) GMAT without prep and would like to attain ~740 . I’ve already spent 80~ hrs and can afford ~150 more. Been an above average student all life, do you think it’s realistic?

    PS: Saw your live webinar on Number Properties this weekend, helped a lot esp as it is my weakest area. Thanks a bunch!


  15. hi rajat,

    i gave my first mock and got 470 with my test being disconnected while i was going thru. I got Q16,V36. How much time do you think i need to put in. I dont know what is going wrong in my qunat prep. I m from engineering background and i m more or the less correct on the answer choice i think of first but then i assume its wrong and choose the wrong version.
    can you tell me how much of time i need to put in. I m working professional and can give 2-3 hrs of study on weekdays and 6-7hrs on weekends. time is a constraint as m into sports too.
    would like to know your comments.

    1. Dear Student (sorry did not get your name),

      Thank you for writing to me. I would like to know some more details. The amount of time required depends on your starting score. However. since you had a disruption during the test, I don’t believe that Q16 is representative of your ability. Can you send me the details of your mock test scores at rajat(at) e-gmat.com.

      -Rajat Sadana

  16. Hi Rajat,
    I appeared GMAT recently and scored 520(Q45, V17). What should I do to improve my score in verbal ? Could you please guide me to get a 700 score?

  17. Sir I have given 2 mock test till now. Gmat prep software’s test no. 1 in which I scored 610 (q-48,v-27) and manhattan’s free mock test in which I scored 560 (q-42,v-27). I am for a 700. I have been preparing for the last one month about 2 hours daily. I can give 2 hours on weekdays and 4-5 hours on weekend. How should I go about my preparation?

  18. Hi Rajat,
    I hope you are doing well. I wrote GMAT this July and got a paltry 600 (VA 27 and QA 46). I know pathetic..eh. I am fine with giving the exam again however I don’t want to repeat the mistakes. I took weekend classes at one of the GMAT training institutes in Delhi and the package is still active till December this year. The faculty there was not good.

    I wanted to get some directions on how to best approach GMAT now that I have given it once. I need to work on both the sections: especially the verbal section.

    Can you suggest some next steps to me? Do you think I can get into a decent MBA program with this score?

    A little bit about myself. I have more than 5 years of experience in the Event Management software industry. I am a knowledge seeker and my number one goal of doing an MBA is to learn about the concepts of business and how they are done across the globe. This would open newer avenues for me.

    Please let me know what all can I do to remedy the situation.

  19. Hi Rajat, Glad to receive your e-mails and sessions with Neeti have helped a lot.

    My exam is in 10 days and I scored in latest mock a 690 ( Q47, V38 ) . What I am seeing in the analysis of my mocks is that I do 3 mistakes together 2 times in the exam always. The report I got from Gmat Prep software ( 2 paid mock exam pack ) in verbal I am at RC- 51/51, CR – 33/51 ( Did some silly mistakes ) , SC – 32/51( same as CR but always get stuck b/w 2 choices in difficult questions ) . Can you please suggest me what I can do about those 3 mistakes together thing as it hurts my score in verbal a lot.

  20. I am planing to take my GMAT towards the end of Sept 2015. I took my fitst practice test with very little preparation on 24th of July just to see where I stand and how to move about. I scored a 350. (V 17 and Q 22) I am extremely disappointed with this score. I thought I would be able to fetch a 450-500 score on my first prep test even with little preparation. Considering a need a really good score (700 +) on the real test to get into a good school, I will have to work strategically over these 2 months. I am finding a lot of inconsistency with the verbal part. I am slow at answering the questions and also make many errors. Please help advice the ideal way to go ahead with my prep. I don’t think randomly working on the Verbal part by just attempting all the questions on OG without knowing the strategies is going to help.

    Thanks a lot.

  21. Hi Rajat,

    I am planing to take my GMAT towards the end of Sept 2015. I took my first practice test with very little preparation on 24th of July just to see where I stand and how to move about. I scored a 350. (V 17 and Q 22) I am extremely disappointed with this score. I thought I would be able to fetch a 450-500 score on my first prep test even with little preparation. Considering a need a really good score (700 +) on the real test to get into a good school, I will have to work strategically over these 2 months. I am finding a lot of inconsistency with the verbal part. I am slow at answering the questions and also make many errors. Please help advice the ideal way to go ahead with my prep. I don’t think randomly working on the verbal part by just randomly attempting all the questions on the OG without knowing the strategies is going to help. I have 2 whole months to study for the test.

    Thanks a lot.

  22. I take gmat get 580, q47 and v23.
    I make mistake on sc. I do not focus on meaning on sc and do many old question in og to learn grammar.
    I want to improve verbal to 30. what should I do now

  23. Hi Rajat,

    I registered to your mails about a year back when I was thinking of taking GMAT but due to some unavoidable circumstances I was not able to do it then. Now last couple of months I started to ponder on GMAT again (as I have been doing for last 10 years :P ). I am very frustrated by my inability to take decision on it and seriously need some guidance.

    To tell you about my profile: I have about 10 years of experience in IT and ERP Consulting. I was involved briefly in project management and client co-ordination. I have 3 years of experience working in US. Currently i am working in India as a Product Architect with a F500 IT Product Giant having foot prints in both Hardware and Software. To talk about my remuneration and compensation, it is excellent for my level of experience and expertise.

    So now my questions :
    1) Having a good job in a really good organisation with a competitive pay, is it worth taking a risk of leaving everything and pursuing an MBA? Or I should add some more relevant professional qualifications such as PMI and work towards my current job.
    2) How much minimum score I should realistically target with my profile so that I have really great chance ending up in top 25 B-schools in world? And how much would be a bare minimum for US Ivy League?
    3) Will a Part-time/Weekend MBA in india such as IIMs or in US for eg HASS will be an equivalent option to full time?

    Please let me know if you need more info to clear my doubts.

    Thanks for your time.

    Shounak Joshi

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