Shekhar aces the GMAT with 770!


Hi Shekhar, Congratulations on scoring a whopping 770! How does it feel to achieve your dream score?
Very happy and quite relieved, frankly, having improved from a mere 600 in my first attempt.
Can you tell us a bit about your first attempt at the GMAT?
While preparing for my first attempt, my primary source for reference material was second hand advice from friends who had taken the exam recently and had scored about 640-50. I purchased the full course from Economist and finished it, took their mocks, and some more free mocks from Manhattan and GMAT Prep.
According to you, what went wrong with your first attempt?
My preparation should have been more methodical and planned. The course from Economist was not really something one can use to aim beyond a 650. Moreover, I had some personal issues at that time. So, all of these aspects had a compounded effect on my performance, and I ended up with a 600.
How did you come across e-GMAT for your preparation?
For my second attempt, I had a study partner with whom I tried MGMAT books. However, when I tried the Manhattan quant guides I found them just too boring. With my research I finally decided that I would buy the e-GMAT’s GMAT Online – the online self-learning course for both Quant and Verbal – in April of 2016. This probably is the best decision I made in my GMAT journey.
How did you find the Quant portion of the course?
I liked the structured approach in the course and also the quick results it produced. The course made me focus on a single thing – getting the application right – without any confusion.
Did you find Quant Scholaranium helpful?
Scholaranium is a must-have tool for any GMAT aspirant. I was usually decent in quant apart from some silly mistakes. So, I found Manhattan books too easy. However, Scholaranium kept me on the ground by throwing quite a few challenging problems – especially helpful for anyone targeting a Q50 or Q51.
How was your experience using the Verbal portion of the course?
I quickly realized that the rave reviews for e-GMAT Verbal are not unfounded. I started learning the concepts from the course and practiced the concepts in Scholaranium. In 2 months, I improved my accuracy from 45 % to 83 %.
That’s great Shekhar. Would you like to add anything else for your fellow test takers?
After learning the concepts taught in the course, practice using the processes prescribed in the course and you’re sure to get a Q50 or Q51. In my case, after using this course for around 3 months, I scored a Q50 in my second attempt – a whopping 10-point improvement in Quant.