Sankalp improved on GMAT with 750 in 2 months.

Sankalp Jain

Hi Sankalp. How does it feel scoring a 750 and a V42?
It feels great! Your verbal course is really a game changer and worth every dollar and probably more.
This is your second attempt at the GMAT. How much did you score in your first attempt.
I first attempted the GMAT in 2012 and scored a 680 (Q49, V34).
What steps did you take after your first attempt?
After 4 years of sitting on that score, I decided to retake the GMAT and my target score was 750. To achieve this score, I knew I had to significantly improve my performance on the verbal section. Before I joined a paid prep-course, I wanted to spend sometime preparing on my own and seeing how it goes. After 2 weeks of flying solo, I realized my efforts lack direction and it is better to join a properly structured course.
Why did you not join a classroom coaching?
Classroom courses are only as good as the instructor taking your class. As I am living in a small town, I knew that the trainers available would not be too good. At this point I was fairly certain that I need to enroll myself in an online prep course. This is when I decided to give e-GMAT a try.
How did e-GMAT help you with your verbal preparation?
Opting for e-GMAT was the best decision I made in my test prep. Let me just say that e-GMAT has decoded the mystery that GMAT verbal is for most non-natives. If you do their Sentence Correction module properly, you are set. I have become such a big fan of e-GMAT that I recommend the course to every aspirant I know.
Would you like to add anything else?
There is no magic pill to ace the GMAT. However, you can ensure the best possible returns from your effort if you take this course. I reached my target score of 750 in a little over 2 months.