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Webinar Weekend Bonanza
Master Number Properties
Maximize your Mock score
Number Properties – 1

Strategy Session – 2

“This webinar taught me how complex mathematical expressions can be broken down into simple expressions. Scary looking expressions are not scary anymore.”
- Calvin Chen 750 (Q50, V41)
Webinar Details
June 20th, 2015

  • 7am Pacific
  • 7:30pm IST
  • 10am Eastern
“The concept of Takt time was an eye opener for me. I owe 3 point improvement from V38 to V41 to my understanding of this concept.”
- James Park 760 (Q51, V41)

Strategy Session 2
June 21st, 2015

  • 7am Pacific
  • 7:30pm IST
  • 10am Eastern

What’s in the Webinar Package

Number Properties 1

Figure out where you stand in Quant by taking this unique diagnostic test attempted by 10,000 test takers.
Number Properties
AV Lessons

Master Even Odd, Primes, and LCM-GCD through this 5-hour
e-learning package.
Number Properties Pitfalls e-Book

After learning the concepts, read this e-Book to avoid the key mistakes that students make in Even Odd, Primes, and LCM GCD.
Number Properties Knockout Challenge

Think you are ready to score Q51. Try these 10 questions to see where you stand.
Strategy Session 2
Verbal Ability Quiz

Evaluate where you stand in SC, CR, and RC to uncover pockets of high improvements.
Key Traits of GMAT high scorers:

GMAT high scorers share certain Key Traits. Learn these key traits and understand how you can adopt them in your preparation.
3 Reasons why you may not score well on GMAT: e-Book

Watch out for these leading indicators of failures on the GMAT and learn how to avoid the same before it’s too late.
Leverage Ability quizzes to score 760

Learn all about ability quizzes and how you can use them to ace the test.


Founder and CEO, e-GMAT

Rajat Sadana
Founder and CEO, e-GMAT

You can solve every 700+ level question in less than 2 minutes once you master the skill to draw inferences from given information.
- Payal

A 650 to 720+ score improvement is very much possible if you analyze your mocks carefully and track your Takt Time and Total Productive Time.
- Rajat