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Quant Online


Number Properties

Master every concept such as Primes, Even-Odd, LCM-GCD etc. related to Number Properties. Give the much needed boost to your Quant Preparation and be well ahead of others in your journey to becoming a GMAT Quant Whiz.


If dealing with unknown quantities has been your biggest nemesis in your Quant preparation, then this course is just for you. Learn the concepts of algebra starting from solving simple linear equations to solving the most complex quadratic inequalities that appear on the GMAT.


Lines, Angles, Circles, Triangles, Polygons, their properties – everything required to solve any Geometry question that the GMAT throws at you is covered in this course.

Word Problems

This course covers one of the most common question types on the GMAT – Word Problems. You will easily visualize any scenario that the GMAT is likely to throw at you – regardless of the level of complexity presented in the question statement.

Advanced Topics

Worried about Permutation and Combinations, Probability, or Sets? Through Advanced Topics, we will teach you simplified approaches to these seemingly complex concepts.
Purchasing this course has proven to be one of my best decisions. I realized how misguided my earlier Quant preparation had been. The course structure was excellent and it helped me improve to a Q50.
Melissa Young, 720(Q50, V38)

Quant Online


Practicing questions & Analyzing good data enable good decisions and ensure success on the GMAT. Every question you attempt is tagged and tracked. You get precise and actionable insights into your preparation – whether it’s narrowing down on your weaknesses, or isolating the questions types where you spend most time.

Quant Scholaranium

Use the revolutionary and super-flexible quizzing platform along with its highest quality questions and advanced analytics to pin point the weak areas in your preparation with razor sharp precision and to track your improvement in real-time.

Quant Scholaranium is the best tool to test your ability, gauge your progress, and identify the areas that you need to work on. The collection of questions is really good, and the answer explanations are very elaborate and precise.
Harish Kumar, 750(Q51, V41)

Quant Online


GMAT Planner

Taking your current state and your target score as inputs, GMAT Planner tool allows you to design the most efficient path to be taken in order to approach your goal.

Strategy Sessions

Learn how to create your personalized study plan and also learn how to utilize the tools we provide most effectively through the strategy sessions.

Study Plan

Doesn’t matter the stage of preparation in which you are, we have built tools that can help you design your own personalized study plan to ace the GMAT.

Doubt Clearing

With the world’s best instructors to clarify your doubts, you’ll sail through your preparation with ease. Moreover, you will have access to the detailed and insightful responses given by the instructors for 20000+ forum queries.

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