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Our minds learn best when we see the right thing at the right time. To ensure the same, we spend almost 50 hours in designing and developing 1 hour of eLearning content, making sure that that your brain can Learn, Retain, and Apply the information presented most efficiently. The result – not only are you able to study even after a long day work, but also are able to retain 4X more. The biggest gain – you are much more effective in applying what you have learned.

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Focus on Core Skills
While most courses focus on teaching you tricks and shortcuts, Quant Online focuses on building a solid foundation and teaching consistent methodologies that work for every question. In fact, e-GMAT Experts have spent 5000+ hours researching these methodologies.
Amazing assessments throughout your preparation, not just at the end.
How do you go from Q47 to Q51? You personalize your learning by isolating your strengths and weaknesses. You then work on your weak areas using our amazing audio visual lessons. We have spent 10,000+ hours developing Scholaranium so that you can isolate and work on your weak areas. These features have made Scholaranium the highest rated Test and Assessment Platform on GMAT Club – rated higher than Manhattan and Veritas Prep Tests.

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Created by GMATCLUB’s 4 out of Top 5 Instructors
e-GMAT provides the best instructors in the world to support our students during their preparation. Each faculty who supports you is a creator of the e-GMAT Quant course. We believe no one can explain your queries better than the creators themselves.
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We are so sure about the quality of our course, the effectiveness of our content, and the aptitude of our instructors that we offer a 7-day money-back guarantee. If you do not like our course after you purchase it, write to us within 7 days of making the purchase and we will refund your money !!

How Quant Online compares with other Online Courses

Duration of Video Lessons 10 hours 40 hours 17 hours
No. of Practice Questions 450 2000 500
Ability Quizzes to assess
strengths and weakness
Course Creator Rating Not in Top 5 4 out of Top 5 Not in Top 5
Full length Mock Tests 5
Price $79 $149 $197
* by combining PS Pill and DS Pill