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Quant Live Prep has helped more than 5000+ students ace GMAT Quant. In fact, Quant Live Prep is the world’s most immersive classroom and is 4X more interactive than a normal classroom.
“I fell in love with the teaching methodology after attending the Quant webinar conducted by Payal Ma’am. The focus on core skills helped me identify my mistakes.”
Will 720 (Q50, V39)
“The live sessions of Quant Live Prep course are amazingly instructive. My confidence in Quant has been given a big boost by this wonderful course.”
Jen 730 (Q51, V38)
“Before joining the course, I was scoring less than Q42 on my mocks. QLP helped me score a Q50 on the GMAT. Thank you e-GMAT team!”
Steve 710 (Q50, V37)

Quant Live Prep

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“Quant Live Prep is a confidence booster!”
GMAT Score:
First Attempt:
Final Score:
Q49, V35
Looking for a structured approach

Hi Manuji, can you tell us a bit about yourself?
I am an 34 yr old Engineer, who last spent times with books some 7 yrs.back. While I decided to take the GMAT exam, I was not sure whether my maths fundamentals are still strong.
Why did you choose Quant Live Prep for your GMAT Quant preparation?
I enrolled for Verbal Live prep in July 2014 (Quant Live prep was not launched by that time). I was so impressed with the methodology adopted by e-GMAT that I subscribed for QLP, as soon as it was launched. So, I could say that my trust in e-GMAT’s methodology made me opt for QLP.
How was your experience with QLP?
The course is well structured and works great even for a test taker who isn’t comfortable with Quant. The assessments throughout the course do a fabulous job of showcasing the gaps in your preparation and helping you overcome them. The Advanced Tests at the end of the module throw in GMAT-level questions to test where you stand.
How were the live sessions?
I liked the first session conducted by Rajat Sir a lot. It was an eye opener. All the subsequent live sessions were excellent too: the instructors were very patient and helpful even during 3-hour marathon sessions.
Finally, would you like to add anything else?
Quant Live Prep was really helpful in regaining my confidence!
Thank you Manuji. Wish you all the best for your future endeavours.
Thank you e-GMAT team.

“Quant Live Prep helped me get a perfect Q51!”
GMAT Score:
Score improvement:
Final Score:
Q50, V40
Looking for a structured approach

Can you tell us a bit about your Quant preparation before joining QLP?
I was stuck at Q49 and never thought I could get Q51. I only managed to score Q50 in all my mocks. I gave QLP a shot because I was already a VLP student and I like e-GMAT’s methodology of teaching. As I had hoped, I scored a Q51.
Good hear that, Rohit. What aspects of the QLP course did you like?
Each and every section is very well divided and organised. Whole course is divided into 5 major sections. Every section has individual topics. Each topic will have a separate test. Every topic also has a advanced test which is very useful if you’re aiming for a high score.
Any tips for your fellow test takers targeting a Q51?
e-GMAT QLP is a definitely very methodical and if you practise correctly using the course, you’ll definitely get a great score in your test. This is a must have course.
Thank you Rohit. Wish you all the best for your future endeavours.
Thank you e-GMAT team. You guys rock!

“Opt for QLP, if you’re targeting a Q51”
GMAT Score:
First Attempt:
Final Score:
Q51, V32
Looking for a structured approach

Hi Saunak, can you tell us a bit about yourself?
I am from an engineering background and so I was naturally comfortable with the Quant section. However, since I was targeting a perfect Q51, I opted for e-GMAT Quant course.
How was your experience using the course?
GMAT Quant is not calculation-intensive. Rather, it is logic-intensive. This aspect of quant has been taken care of quite commendably in Quant Live Prep. I would suggest this course for anyone who is targeting a high score in the GMAT Quant section.
How was your experience using Scholaranium?
Scholaranium is a great tool to assess oneself. Moreover, it helps even people like me who are good at quant to do that extra mile of practise to ensure a great score.
Thank you Saunak. Wish you all the best for your future endeavours.
Thank you e-GMAT team. Good Going. Keep it up!

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