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Stuck at 640
Even After 6 months of Prep
Timing Issues
Rejected by multiple B-Schools
Stuck at 700
Despite solving thousands of questions
Starting Score 620
Needed to excel in Quant and Verbal
Needed a foundation
Unable to improve despite classroom program
Low Quant Score
GMAT Score at 590 despite two months of preparation.
540 in first attempt
Needed 150-point improvement in 75 days
Verbal Score Stuck
Needed 99th percentile on GMAT Verbal
Failed in Verbal
Despite scoring 700 on mocks
Stuck at ~V30
Despite spending $1000s on preparation
Starting score 590
Aiming for 760 on the GMAT
Stuck at V28
Despite studying Verbal for 6 months
my one-on-one mentoring
How we can help
After 10 years of leading the GMAT preparation industry, we have cracked the code to scoring 740 (or 760, 770, or higher). Schedule an appointment to get the following insights.

Personalized diagnostics

Tell us about your GMAT journey so we can identify the hurdles preventing you from achieving your target.score.


Milestone driven path

Get a personalized study plan designed to overcome your pain-points through laser focused effort and ensure fast score improvement.


Course Correction

Get actionable strategies to address key gaps in your preparation and to help you score in the 95th percentile or higher.


Precise estimates

Should you focus on studying Sentence Correction or on Number Properties. How much time do you need to put in to excel in Reading Comprehension? Get precise estimates designed for your on many such questions.

my one-on-one mentoring
Members from our cohort
GMAT 750 (Q50, V41)
"I used to think that it is no magic to score well on GMAT and that you need to work very hard. Having unsuccessfully tried myself, I say that what e-GMAT mentors do is pure MAGIC!"
GMAT 750 (Q50, V40)
"The issue with my strategy was that I was trying to rush through the questions. Karan motivated me to focus on improving my ability and skill and I could see the difference immediately."
GMAT 760 (Q51, V41)
"Dhananjay helped me out in analysing my key areas on improvement, sharing a video analysing my mock performance. I followed his suggestions in my actual GMAT I finished verbal on time and had ample time to spare after my quant section."
GMAT 770 (Q51, V42)
"When I got a V34, the Strategy team organized a session analysing my ESR and came up with suggestions for improvement. Using their detailed plan, I was able to improve to V42 in 3 weeks."
220-point Improvement Strategy
Excelled on Verbal
Fixed timing issues
Jim Yi
Unexpected Mentor Support
my one-on-one mentoring
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