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Student feedback

We have been working on building GMAT Online 360 for more than a year.  Here is what students have to say about GMAT Online 360.

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GMAT Online 360

The next generation of products and services by e-GMAT .. 

designed to help you score higher, faster

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Progressive feedback

Ashutosh worked closely with me, providing me guidance on where to focus and reviewing my progress every two days.

JSALLES improved from 700 to 730 in 15 days

Weekly milestones

Based on our initial call, Archit provided me with an overall roadmap that translated into very concrete, day-specific milestones

VALENTEIN, GMAT 760 – 140 pt. improvement

Process Skills for process improvement

After our visualization session with Harsha, I could visualize conclusions. Pre-thinking became easy.

Pre-thinking made easy

Clearing every doubt

Shraddha’s timeline on the method helped me clear every doubt I had on Verb tenses.

Timeline on verb tenses

ESR+ analysis and personalized course structure

The Sigma-X mock's detailed report helped me identify that SC was a weak area for me. My e-GMAT mentor customized my course for me.

ARCHIT ARYA, 770 in 1 month

Exam readiness

For me, the biggest problem while studying GMAT is stress management. Dhananjay helped me overcome this by making me give tests in harsh conditions


Saw patterns in answer choices

Solving 8 questions in 120 minutes may seem a lot but they really helped me ingrain the e-GMAT process. The benefit is two-fold. One accuracy and efficiency, and two – you will start seeing patterns in options.

FARMAN GARCHIA, GMAT 760, Tuck student

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Frequently asked questions

I am a current student. Can I avail GMAT Online 360?

GMAT Online’s products and services are designed to help you succeed. Current students will be able to enjoy all features in GMAT Online 360.

I am looking to purchase one of your courses. Should I wait for GMAT Online 360 to be launched?

GMAT Online 360 is designed to help you succeed. It includes major enhancements to our products and services – enhancements that we have already added and that we will continue to add . Hence, you can safely purchase our current products and be rest assured that you will have access to the latest and greatest from e-GMAT

Is GMAT Online 360 a single product?

GMAT Online 360 is a set of product and service enhancements that we have been working on and testing with our beta testers for the last 12 months. Join this webinar to learn what those are, how others have benefitted, and how you can benefit from the same.

Are you launching any new products/services that we don’t have access to or I don’t know about?

With this announcement, we will be launching multiple products and services that you currently don’t have access to. Some of these services will be available immediately while others will be available later this month.

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19 August

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Join us in this webinar to know more about GMAT Online 360

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GMAT Online


The next generation of products and services by e-GMAT..   designed to help you score higher, faster