Prateek improved by 180 points and scored a 760 on the GMAT.

Prateek Batla

Hi Prateek. How did it feel after scoring a 760 on the GMAT?
It feels so good to score above your initial expectation. Hard work and consistency paid off.
This is your third attempt. Can you tell us what happened in your first attempt?
I first gave a mock to assess my level (Q49, V25). I was good in quant but I needed to improve verbal a lot. I struggled with a lot of books and was stuck at a 50% accuracy. Although I was enrolled for e-GMAT, I didn’t utilise it properly as I wasn’t very methodical in my preparation during this attempt. As a result I scored only a 580 in my first attempt.
What about your second and third attempts?
I started preparing more methodically using the course and following the study plan. My basics were in place during my second attempt and so I was able to score a 700. However, I wanted to score a 750+ and therefore, I practiced more questions using the approach taught in the course and eventually I was able to score 760 – improving to a V41.
What according to you were the key aspects that helped you in your preparation?
Key for me was my basics improved with this course, and then I did tons of practice with strong basics. I tried studying from other popular course guides, but for me it didn’t helped much.
What aspects of e-GMAT helped you?
Best thing about this e-gmat course for me is it is really interesting and keeps you hooked through visualization and short animated lectures, with tons of practice before and after the lecture. The written e-gmat articles are even more helpful. I just liked everything about this course, including the verbal workshops that I got to attend, integrated reasoning course that came free with this and the GMAT Club membership that I got..
How was the support provided to you?
The support team is very responsive and e-GMAT also provided strategy support to students when they need it. For example, after my first attempt, I reached out to e-GMAT seeking guidance. I received a spread sheet in return seeking my scores in their course quizzes, if I completed my full exercises per the study plan, and most importantly if I am applying the three step process they are teaching. This process acted as a real eye opener and I was able to focus on the key areas required to improve and reach my target score.
That’s wonderful to hear, Prateek. Anything else that you’d like to add?
e-GMAT Verbal Online is surely one of the best courses out there. Thank you Team e-GMAT.
Thank you for your appreciation, Prateek. Wish you the best for your future endeavors.