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Personalize your courses

Learn only what you need to learn and nothing more

Improve in days and not weeks

Save up to 60% of learning time. Go from a 60th to a 90th percentile in as few as 10 hours.

Custom Improvement Modules (in 2022)

Get human curated custom improvement modules for students already at 70th percentile or higher

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Upcoming Product Enhancements

Get the most out of your preparation by knowing about the recently released and upcoming platform enhancements (both content and technology)

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New course quizzing engine

Get the power of Scholaranium, now during the learning phase with the new Quizzing engine (Jan 2021)

New course
quizzing engine

Review Time tracker

Good study habits combined with the right guidance drive success. The review time tracker warns you when you deviate from best practices.

Review Time tracker

Cementing Quizzes 2.0

Get more cementing quizzes, each quiz now updated with the changes we have observed in the question composition (Jan 2021)

Cementing Quizzes 2.0

Dynamic course completion tracker

Adjust your study time right in the course window and see how your updated course completion date. Works even in PACE view.

Dynamic course completion tracker

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Founder & CEO, e-GMAT

Rajat, CEO & co-founder of e-GMAT, is a top-rated GMAT strategy expert who has helped more than 35000 students to ace the GMAT.


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Empowering dreams,
Changing lives

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