Nishant scores a 690 on the GMAT

Nishant Sahni

Hi Nishant. When did you start using the SC course?
I studied SC course just 10 days before my exam. Just this preparation helped me improve from a V28 in my previous attempt to a V34 in this attempt – 6 Verbal points in just 10 days!
That’s amazing! What aspects of the course did you like?
The SC course is amazing! The concepts were explained methodically and from the basics. This helped the concepts get hard coded in memory. e-GMAT approach to tackle the questions is awesome, and with practice speed increases too once you get used to the approach.
Did you try any other e-GMAT courses?
Unfortunately no. Although I had access to the CR course as well, I was so happy with my improvements in SC (thanks to e-GMAT SC course) that I didn’t focus on any other sections. However, in hind sight, I believe if I had worked on CR study material too, I would have scored much more in the Verbal section.
Thank you for your time, Nishant. Good luck with your future endeavors.
Thank you e-GMAT.