Nikhil’s Success Story

Learn how Nikhil improved from V19 (19 percentile) to V38 (85 percentile) over three attempts. In the interview, Nikhil articulates his struggles during this three attempts, outlining what worked for him and how was he able to finally improve to V38.

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28 thoughts on “Nikhil Interview

  1. thanks for such inspiring stories of success!
    Is there any story about significantly improving Q? all I see is focus on verbal… thanks again!

  2. Thanks guys. Its wonderful to know that such interviews are helpful. We have a few more on the way. Good luck for your exam.

  3. Nikhil, I am in the same situation as yours.

    My first attempt was the worst. Second attempt was slightly better but still not good enough to fetch a good school. I am in working in IT in US. I have 14 yrs of work ex. At this juncture, I feel whether i should give the exam and how i should i prepare if i want to. I had tried e-gmat on my second attempt.

    Your inteview is very inspiring. Please share your experience on Verbal preparation.

  4. rajat..thnk you..for posting these videos. really appreciate your efforts. and congrats nikhil. wishing you success..and same to u rajat!!

  5. Big congrats to you Nikhil. I know the pain. I have taken the GMAT twice and bombed it miserably (500 & 610). Am currently preparing for my third attempt. You have just answered the most painful question I ask myself – “Is it possible”.

    Thanks Rajat for uploading this video.

  6. Thanks Rajat and Nikhil for sharing such a motivational journey. It was clearly visible on Nikhil’s face and in Nikhil’s words that GMAT has made him grow as an individual. Congrats to e-gmat and Nikhil :)

  7. I need help from you guy. I took my GMAT first attempt on Jan 28 and scored miserable 520. Took a break, planned to prepare and retake it. Took my GMAT second attempt on May 10 and again got stuck at 580. I tried hard, took GMAT Prep, MCAT and Veritas mock tests.I have five years of work experience and I really intend to do my MBA from a good School but very demotivated as of now. Also my egmat subscription ends in next 5 days. Dont know where to go. Need help and direction.

  8. In the same situation. Working in IT since 5 years. Is it worth to really take the pain to prepare for GMAT now. Not sure where to go.

  9. Thanks a lot for the praise guys. I just want to let you guys know that Nikhil was recently accepted at ISB. Another evidence that if you work hard, success will follow… He also has at least one admit from a US B-School.

  10. The video ended just as Nikhil was discussing how he always gets thrown on the first quant question. I completely related to that, what was his conclusion?
    And, thanks for posting this, it was very helpful.
    Congrats to Nikhil on his B-school admittance!

    1. Dear Jan – The key is to remain calm. Close your eyes for 5 seconds, think about how you will approach the question, and then go ahead and tackle the question.

  11. Thanks Rajat and Nikhil for this exceptional motivational video..Very inspiring as many would have gone through this situation and i am no different.

    @Rajat:Could you post the rest of the video as well .Would like to know the details of how he preped using E-gmat

    Also if u can share his linked profile would be grt

  12. A request- can you also place such videos on Youtube? As you do not allow to adjust the quality of the video, which I guess is in HD, buffering takes really long.

    1. Dear Amit, Thank you for your message. The quality of videos is set to adapt with your internet connection – from 360p to 1080p.

  13. Thanks a lot Rajat for sharing these true success stories with us. I am actually on the similar situation where Nikhil was after flunking the second attempt. But thanks to you and your course that i have picked up gmat again.

    I am a student of your Verbal online course (not verbal live prep) and it helped me perform better in SC. However, CR is not happening to me. Can you or anyone in faculty address my difficulties through email or a small chat?

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