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With proven learning methods, hundreds of concepts, thousands of questions, and mocks, GMAT Online will provide you with the tools and test-readiness that you need to ace the GMAT.
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5 SIGma-X




Build a solid foundation through foundation concepts, special assessments, and specially designed courses such as Master Comprehension and ace the GMAT regardless of whether you start at 20 percentile or 70.


Learning the concepts is only half the battle. Successfully applying these concepts on full-length questions is the key to acing the GMAT. Learn this key skill through 80+ specially designed application files (an e-GMAT exclusive).


Proper practice makes you perfect. GMAT Online provides you tons of realistic questions with amazing solutions. You will not have to look at another resource for practice questions.


Need to make sure you are focusing on right areas? Get your ESR or progress analyzed by the best in-house strategy experts and create a list of actions that you need to take to reach your target score.


With the world’s best instructors (not temporary tutors) addressing your subject matter queries, and more than 20,000 invaluable forum discussions made accessible, you have the best repository of GMAT knowledge just a click away.

5 SIGma-X

With a scoring engine similar to that of the real GMAT and ESR-like analysis, SIGma-X mocks will super-charge your journey towards a 750 score, providing direction to that next 50-point score improvement.

GMAT Online

Learn Proven Methods

GMAT Online will help you master methods that were first introduced by e-GMAT and are now a standard in the industry. Read below to know more.
Using Verbal Scholaranium to track your GMAT Verbal preparation progress<br />

Meaning in Sentence Correction

Learn the meaning based approach from Payal Tandon – the inventor of the same – and tackle the easiest to the most challenging questions with ease. Never make a mistake whether the question is testing an idiom or logical construction.

Pre-thinking in Critical Reasoning

Whether you are solving Assumption, Strengthen, Weaken, Evaluate or Bold Face type questions, our proprietary Pre-thinking method will help you arrive at the answer logically. You’ll no longer be confused between two answer choices; rather, you’ll easily pick the correct answer.

Reading Strategies in RC

The 7 proprietary reading strategies will help you easily comprehend Humanities, Sciences, Economics or any other genre of passage that the GMAT throws at you. Using this approach, you’ll never feel that a passage is difficult to understand.
Using Quant Scholaranium to track your GMAT Quant preparation progress<br />

Methodical 3-step approach for PS questions

A methodical approach is of utmost importance to ace the GMAT and we make sure that you always have a methodical approach for every type of question. Use the 3-step process prescribed by us to answer the GMAT PS questions with ease.

Custom-designed Intermediate Application Files

For the very first time in the history of test prep, we built intermediate application files with the goal to bridge the gap between learning concepts and learning their application. Use these files to make sure that you never falter in any GMAT-like question.

Infallible 5-Step Process for DS questions

Learn the most effective approach to solving even the toughest DS questions on the GMAT. With this step-by-step methodical approach, you can make sure that you will never fall for the traps in DS questions on GMAT Quant.

GMAT Online

Truly Personal Study Plans

Whether you are starting at a 20 percentile or a 70 percentile in verbal, whether you have one month or 3 months to prepare, whether you are looking for a 200-point improvement or the final 60-point push to achieve your target score, we have built tools that can help you design your own personalized study plan.

Ability Quizzes
To improve from a 630 to a 720, should you focus a majority of your time on Sentence Correction or Word Problems? It depends on your current state of preparation. Ability quizzes will give you those precise starting points.

GMAT Planner
Taking your current state and your target score as inputs, GMAT Planner helps you design the most efficient path to reach your goal in a predictable and trackable manner.

GMAT Strategy Sessions
Through the strategy sessions, learn how to create your personalized study plan and how to most effectively utilize the tools we provide . We conduct two strategy sessions every month and also provide you the recordings of these sessions as soon as you enroll.

Actionable Analytics
To improve your Sentence Correction ability from 50 percentile to 70 percentile, should you study parallelism or modifiers? Or do you need to focus on a different area? The actionable analytics in Scholaranium will help you decide the same.

GMAT Online

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GMAT Online Magoosh
GMAT Club Reviews 8021 259
Duration of e-Learning Content 140+ hours 30+ hours
Number of Practice Questions 4500+ 1000+
Number of Mock Tests 5 2
Study Planners & Schedule
Interactive Quizzing

1 Combining both Quant Online and Verbal Online reviews
More than 70% of total reviews on GMAT Club are for e-GMAT GMAT Online

GMAT Online

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More than 70% of total reviews on GMAT Club are for e-GMAT GMAT Online
We want you to love our courses. The 6-month GMAT Online plan comes with a 7-day money back guarantee. Try it for a week, if you don’t think this is the right course for you, we will be happy to issue a full refund. No Questions asked!

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