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Learn every SC concept starting from basic concepts such as Subject-Verb, Pronouns etc. to advanced concepts such as Modifiers and Comparisons. Build a great foundation through 50+ concept files and 550+ questions, and track your learning through carefully placed assessments.


Start with learning how arguments are built. Then learn how to deconstruct and analyse an argument. With this solid foundation in place, march towards tackling more challenging CR concepts such as Assumptions, Evaluate, Strengthen, Weaken, and Bold Face.


The world’s first RC course that teaches HOW to read a passage. Learn proprietary reading strategies and take your comprehension ability to the next level. In addition, master the three kinds of inferences on GMAT and get lots of practice.


With 120 original problems, audio-visual solutions, and amazing interactivity, the e-GMAT IR course is the only course you need to ace the Integrated Reasoning section on the GMAT.

Master Comprehension

Meaning, Logic, and Core Skills – these are the three pillars of our offering on GMAT Verbal. One common thread – comprehension – connects all of them. Learn the core comprehension skills required for the GMAT Verbal section.

Number Properties

Master every concept such as Primes, Even-Odd, LCM-GCD etc. related to Number Properties. Give the much needed boost to your Quant Preparation and be well ahead of others in your journey to becoming a GMAT Quant Whiz.


If dealing with unknown quantities has been your biggest nemesis in your Quant preparation, then this course is just for you. Learn the concepts of algebra starting from solving simple linear equations to solving the most complex quadratic inequalities that appear on the GMAT.


Lines, Angles, Circles, Triangles, Polygons, their properties – everything required to solve any Geometry question that the GMAT throws at you is covered in this course.

Word Problems

This course covers one of the most common question types on the GMAT – Word Problems. You will easily visualize any scenario that the GMAT is likely to throw at you – regardless of the level of complexity presented in the question statement.

Advanced Topics

Worried about Permutation and Combinations, Probability, or Sets? Through Advanced Topics, we will teach you simplified approaches to these seemingly complex concepts.

GMAT Live Prep

Live Instruction

Get 40% more Instructor Time with GMAT Live Prep. Other classroom courses offer 27-36 hours of live coaching whereas GMAT Live Prep offers 50+ hours of Live Instruction. In addition, e-GMAT is the only company that allows you to repeat your sessions anytime for the duration of your subscription.
e-GMAT Verbal Webinar Classrooms cover all GMAT Verbal Topics and provide unmatched score improvement

10 Hours of
SC Instruction

Start from the core foundation – meaning. Then proceed to mastering the application of most advanced concepts of Verbs, Modifiers, and Comparisons through 4 sessions by using e-GMAT’s famous 3 step process, solving some of the most challenging questions.

12 Hours of
CR Instruction

Build a solid foundation in Inference Session. Then master a systematic approach to Prethinking assumptions. Further extend your Prethinking skills through four rigorous sessions on Evaluate, Strengthen, Weaken, and Bold Face. With the included e-GMAT CR course, you will not find a more comprehensive curriculum on the planet.

5 Hours of
RC Instruction

Learn how to read a sentence, combine sentences to assimilate a paragraph, and summarize paragraphs to arrive at the Main Point of a passage. Then learn how to answer global and specific inference and detail questions through the most methodical and effective approach to GMAT RC.

e-GMAT Quant Webinar Classrooms cover all GMAT Quant Topics and provide unmatched score improvement

15 Hours of
Quant Instruction

Start from the core basics of Number Properties. Then proceed to learn the most advanced application of the concepts of Number Properties, Algebra, Geometry, Word Problems and Advanced Topics through 6 sessions. You’ll go through all these sessions while learning the application of the PS and DS processes taught in the course.

4 Hours of
Strategy Lessons

Whether you are a first-time test taker or a retaker, whether you are someone who is just beginning his GMAT Preparation or someone who has put in some effort preparing for the test, our Strategy Sessions will coach you on how to personalize your study plans, and help you identify the metrics that you should track to ensure that you reach your target score.

GMAT Live Prep

Mock Tests

Practice using some of the most realistic mocks in the industry to eliminate any surprises and to ensure sure that you are well prepared before the GMAT.

5 SIGma-X Mocks

With a scoring engine similar to that of the real GMAT and ESR-like analysis, SIGma-X mocks will super-charge your journey towards a 750 score, providing direction to that next 50-point score improvement.

800 Score Tests

Need additional practice?
Get 5 full length mock tests with complete solutions. Note, tests include all sections – Quant, Verbal, Integrated Reasoning, and AWA. The tests can be downloaded or taken on your desktop.

GMAT Live Prep

HD Recordings

Don’t want to wait for a live session to proceed with your preparation? No problem at all. You can view the Recordings of the live sessions. Recordings are as effective as Live Sessions and most importantly, you can pace your preparation according to your convenience.

GMAT Live Prep


Practicing questions & analyzing good data enable good decisions and ensure success on the GMAT. Every question you attempt is tagged and tracked. You get precise and actionable insights into your preparation – whether it’s narrowing down on your weaknesses, or isolating the questions types where you spend most time.
Track your GMAT Vebral Preparation Progress with Scholaranium - using Technology to Improve GMAT Vebral Preparation

Verbal Scholaranium

Use the revolutionary and super-flexible quizzing platform along with its highest quality questions and advanced analytics to pin point the weak areas in your preparation with razor sharp precision and to track your improvement in real-time.

Track your GMAT Quant Preparation Progress with Scholaranium - using Technology to Improve GMAT Quant Preparation

Quant Scholaranium

Use the revolutionary and
super-flexible quizzing platform along with its highest quality questions and advanced analytics to pin point the weak areas in your preparation with razor sharp precision and to track your improvement in real-time.

GMAT Club Tests

Get 1,785 Hard-core questions with detailed explanations and brilliant analytics. You will have enough questions to create 20+ CATs and will still have questions left to create multiple custom quizzes.

GMAT Live Prep


GMAT Planner

Taking your current state and your target score as inputs, GMAT Planner tool allows you to design the most efficient path to be taken in order to approach your goal.

Strategy Sessions

Learn how to create your personalized study plan and also learn how to utilize the tools we provide most effectively through the strategy sessions.

Study Plan

Doesn’t matter the stage of preparation in which you are, we have built tools that can help you design your own personalized study plan to ace the GMAT.

Doubt Clearing

With the world’s best instructors to clarify your doubts, you’ll sail through your preparation with ease. Moreover, you will have access to the detailed and insightful responses given by the instructors for 20000+ forum queries.

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