Gautam improves by 100 points and scores a 720 on the GMAT

Gautam Singha

Hi Gautam. Why did you opt for e-GMAT’s Verbal Live Prep course?
After a V30, I realized I needed to improve in the Verbal section. Being a working professional, I could only study for 45-60 minutes a day. So, I needed a course that could provide me the flexibility to prepare at my convenience. That’s when I enrolled in Verbal Live Prep.
Can you tell us a bit about your preparation?
Since I could only study for 45 to 60 mins a day, I prepared my own strategy based on e-GMAT’s first strategy session and followed it using the course materials. I diligently followed the e-GMAT process, specially for RC. I took time to understand the passage and map the passage – rest was easy! After finishing the course, I attended the second strategy session of e-GMAT and understood the concept of TAKT TIME and started implementing it in my mocks.
Were there any other aspects of e-GMAT courses that you’d like to mention?
I absolutely loved the well-structured course. The audio-visual format is a great time saver for working professionals. The live prep sessions were very lively and detail oriented. I can confidently say that e-GMAT course and process played a crucial role in improving my score from V30 to V41.
Thank you, Gautam. We wish you the best for your future endeavors.
Thank you e-GMAT.